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Plate I: Frans Claerhout sketching two models Plate II: Frans Claerhout with a painting that Mda appropriated for Popi at 14 (left) Plate III: A Sunburnt Christ Plate IV: Women Harvesting Plate V: Boy Riding Donkey Backwards Plate VI: Donkey and Cock Plate VII: Profound Nostalgia Plate VIII: The Blue Madonna Plate IX: Eyes in the Sky Plate X: Catcher of the Sun Plate XI: Giant with Star Plate XII: Niki’s Church Plate XIII: Musician Plate XIV: Musician Plate XV: Musician Plate XVI: The intertwined figures in this painting by Mda could be seen as dancers; in their deliberate distortion they also bear a relationship to the symbolist/expressionist paintings of Frans Claerhout on which Mda builds The Madonna of Excelsior (shown on earlier plates). ...