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40 P.344, n.91. Add the following to the fifth-to-last line of the footnote after “see generally”: Sidney P. Ottem, The General Adjudication of the Yakima River: Tributaries for the Twenty-First Century and a Changing Climate, 23 J. Envtl. L. & Litig. 275, 298–310 (2008) (reviewing the Yakima River Basin general adjudication’s rulings related to the Yakama Nation’s reserved rights); P.355, n.176. Add the following to the end of the footnote before the period: ; see generally Liana Gregory, Note, “Technically Open”: The Debate Over Native American Reserved Groundwater Rights, 28 J. Land Res. & Envtl. L. 361, 367 (2008) (discussing the Wyoming and Arizona decisions, and concluding that “there is no clear common law path for the debate to follow” since “[i]t is evident from the behavior on the state level[] that the holding in Cappaert did not settle the issue of groundwater reservation”) P.373, n.282. Add the following to line 1 of the footnote before the period: ; see generally Alexander Wood, Note & Comment, Watering Down Federal Court Jurisdiction: What Role Do Federal Courts Play in Deciding Water Rights?, 23 J. Envtl. L. & Litig. 241, 252–61 (2008) (discussing Colorado River and its subsequent application by the Supreme Court and lower federal courts) Chapter 8 Indian Reserved Water Rights ...


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