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Preface vii When the American Indian Law Deskbook was conceived, the Conference of Western Attorneys General recognized that any Indian law treatise would soon become outdated unless supplemented regularly. The absence of supplementation was then a major drawback in other treatises in this area. As with the main volume, the 2009 Supplement represents a collaborative effort in which many CWAG member states participated. In preparing the 2009 Supplement, an effort was made to review all decisions contained in West Publishing Company reporters and advance sheets issued prior to July 2009. Federal statutes and administrative regulations were also updated through the same date. Law review articles often are quite helpful in Indian law, and they were updated through Spring 2009. Chris Coppin Legal Director CWAG This page is intentionally left blank American Indian Law Deskbook Fourth Edition Conference of Western Attorneys General 2009 Supplement This page is intentionally left blank ...


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