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v Introduction vii S. Victor Papacosma Part I: NATO 1. NATO United, NATO Divided: The Transatlantic Relationship 3 Lawrence S. Kaplan 2. Colonialism and the Atlantic Alliance: Anglo-American Perspectives at the United Nations, 1945–1963 25 Mary Ann Heiss 3. “Learning by Doing”: Disintegrating Factors and the Development of Political Cooperation in Early NATO 43 Winfried Heinemann 4. Failed Rampart: NATO’s Balkan Front 58 John O. Iatrides 5. Containing the French Malaise? The Role of NATO’s Secretary General, 1958–1968 75 Anna Locher and Christian Nuenlist 6. The Multilateral Force as an Instrument for a European Nuclear Force? 91 Ine Megens 7. Ostpolitik as a Source of Intrabloc Tensions 106 Oliver Bange 8. The Florentine in Winter: François Mitterrand and the Ending of the Cold War, 1989–1991 122 Charles Cogan Contents vi contents Part II: The Warsaw Pact 9. The Warsaw Pact: An Alliance in Search of a Purpose 141 Vojtech Mastny 10. Polish–East German Relations, 1945–1958 161 Sheldon Anderson 11. The Warsaw Pact and the German Question, 1955–1970: Conflict and Consensus 178 Douglas Selvage 12. The Warsaw Pact and Southern Tier Conflicts, 1959–1969 193 Jordan Baev 13. The Sino-Soviet Conflict and the Warsaw Pact, 1969–1980 206 Bernd Schaefer 14. Why Was There No “Second Cold War” in Europe? Hungary and the East-West Crisis Following the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan 219 Csaba Békés Contributors 233 Index 237 ...


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