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Contents Preface vii Introduction: Visual Lessons and the Life Sciences 1 nancy anderson and michael r. dietrich 1. Trained Judgment, Intervention, and the Biological Gaze: 14 How Charles Sedgwick Minot Saw Senescence mara mills 2. Facing Animals in the Laboratory: Lessons of Nineteenth- 44 Century Medical School Microscopy Manuals nancy anderson 3. Photography and Medical Observation 68 scott curtis 4. Cinematography without Film: Architectures and 94 Technologies of Visual Instruction in Biology around 1900 henning schmidgen 5. Cinema as Universal Language of Health Education: 121 Translating Science in Unhooking the Hookworm (1920) kirsten ostherr 6. Screening Science: Pedagogy and Practice in William 141 Dieterle’s Film Biographies of Scientists t. hugh crawford Anderson - Educated Eye.indb v Anderson - Educated Eye.indb v 7 October 2011 12:56:15 PM 7 October 2011 12:56:15 PM 7. Optical Constancy, Discontinuity, and Nondiscontinuity 162 in the Eameses’ Rough Sketch michael j. golec 8. Educating the High-Speed Eye: Harold E. Edgerton’s 186 Early Visual Conventions richard l. kremer 9. On Fate and Specification: Images and Models of 213 Developmental Biology sabine brauckmann 10. Form and Function: A Semiotic Analysis of Figures 235 in Biology Textbooks laura perini 11. Neuroimages, Pedagogy, and Society 255 adina l. roskies 12. The Anatomy of a Surgical Simulation: The Mutual 277 Articulation of Bodies in and through the Machine rachel prentice Contributors 311 Index 315 Anderson - Educated Eye.indb vi Anderson - Educated Eye.indb vi 7 October 2011 12:56:15 PM 7 October 2011 12:56:15 PM ...