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C o n t e n t s Part I. Twenty-First-Century Population Prospect: Emerging Needs Chapter 1. World Urbanization: The Critical Issue of the Twenty-First Century 3 Eugenie L. Birch and Susan M. Wachter Chapter 2. Human Population Grows Up 24 Joel E. Cohen Chapter 3. Measuring and Coping with Urban Growth in Developing Countries 32 Nefise Bazoglu Chapter 4. Urban Growth and Development at Six Scales: An Economist’s View 48 Stephen Malpezzi Chapter 5. Urban Growth and Spatial Development: The China Case 67 Anthony Yeh Part II. Urban Spatial Growth and Development Chapter 6. The Urban Transition in Developing Countries: Demography Meets Geography 89 Mark R. Montgomery and Deborah Balk Chapter 7. Measuring and Modeling Global Urban Expansion 107 Stephen Sheppard Chapter 8. Urban Growth Models: State of the Art and Prospects 126 John D. Landis Chapter 9. Monitoring Urban Growth and Its Environmental Impacts Using Remote Sensing: Examples from China and India 151 Karen C. Seto vi Contents Chapter 10. Tracking Regional Growth and Development: The Nairobi Case 167 Wilber K. Ottichilo Part III. Urban Governance and Finance Chapter 11. Strategic Directions for Local Public Finance in Developing Countries 177 Paul Smoke Chapter 12. Public-Private Partnerships and Urban Governance: Coordinates and Policy Issues 191 Lynne B. Sagalyn Chapter 13. City Building in China: Implications for Urban Form Efficiency 212 Douglas Webster Chapter 14. Financing Housing and Urban Services 234 Kyung-Hwan Kim Part IV. Cases in Urban Development Chapter 15. Managing Urban Infrastructure and Services in India 255 Vinod Tewari Chapter 16. Sustainable Urban Development: Managing City Development in Uganda 276 Shuaib Lwasa Chapter 17. Thinking About Urban Services Needs in Fast-Growing Cities: Housing in São Paulo 294 Suzana Pasternak Chapter 18. The Education of Urban Dwellers: The Kenyan Experience 310 Faith Macharia Notes 323 Bibliography 331 List of Contributors 363 Index 367 Acknowledgments 377 ...


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