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c o n t e n t s Illustrations ix Preface: Reaching for the Book xi 1. Introduction: Around the Book 1 2. Extraterrestrial Kafka: Ahead to the Graphic Novel 49 3. Kafka’s Imaginary: A Cognitive Psychology Footnote 85 4. Booking Benjamin: The Fate of a Medium 107 5. Pulsations of Respect, or Winged Impossibility: Poetic Deconstruction 138 6. Hegel, Glas, and the Broader Modernity 163 7. Systems, Games, and the Player: Did We Manage to Become Human? 194 8. Atmospherics of Mood 218 9. Thinking Flat Out: Back to Bateson 244 Notes 277 Index 309 PAGE vii vii ................. 17885$ CNTS 10-20-10 14:48:29 PS PAGE viii ................. 17885$ CNTS 10-20-10 14:48:30 PS ...


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