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193 Appendix B Show Log Book Felicity wrote and directed most of the sketches and songs for her shows. She used some over and over again, often modified to reflect the situations and moods of military life at the time of the performance. Each of her shows consisted of short comedy sketches (skits), dances, music, songs, and song parodies—except for the last, which was a production of Oliver Goldsmith’s play She Stoops to Conquer. The program summaries given below are taken from Felicity’s self-bound scrapbook, which contains printed programs, tipped-in letters, photographs, and many inscribed notes. 41. Show log book. Record of shows with the WAAF produced by J. F. Ashbee S/O. 1941–1945. 194 | Appendix B I. FILTERED FRAGMENTS. Bentley Priory, June 1941. 1. Opening Chorus 2. Waltz Ensemble 3. Raw Bodies, a sketch (see Appendix C) 4. Solo Tap Dance 5. Violin Solos Piano Solos 6. Missing Government Property, a sketch 7. Harmony Quartet 8. Solo Ballet Dance 9. Songs: “Trees” and “So Deep Is the Night” (sung by Felicity) 10. Violin Solo Piano Solo 11. The WAAF Officer’s Selection Board, a sketch (see Appendix C) 12. Tap Ensemble 13. Closing Chorus II. BLUE AND KHAKI NO. 2. The Army, Navy, and Air Force Revue. RAF Station X, Bletchley Park, 19–20 December 1941. Part I 1. Opening Chorus 2. Christmas Crackers, Dancing Troupe 3. Raw Bodies, a sketch 4. Songs: “Passing By” and “Yeomen of England” 5. “The Dying Duck,” a dance, being the 57th farewell performance of Madame Orlova (who danced at the Imperial Court of Russia in 1901), inadequately supported by Sacha Flopoff, on the piano. 6. Look Before You Listen, a sketch Part II A Privy Council, a sketch Part III 1. Post No. 99, a song 2. Dangerous Age, a sketch 3. Songs: “Two Shanties” 4. Night Club Special, a sketch with dancers, cornet, and guitarists 5. Board with Darts, a sketch 6. Closing Chorus Appendix B | 195 III. BLUE AND KHAKI NO. 3. Station Wing, 24 April; RAF Station Leighton Buzzard , 25 April; 2 at RAF Station X, Bletchley Park, 29–30 May 1942. Part I 1. Opening Chorus by the WAAF, Corps of Military Police, and the Pioneer Corps 2. Dance, WAAF dancing troupe 3. Tap Dance 4. The Woman’s Place, a sketch Part 1. A.D. 1242 Part 2. A.D. 1942 5. Crooner: “I Know Why” and “Apple Blossom Time” 6. Monologue: The Way to Accept Him 7. Songs: “Fishermen of England” and “I Walk Beside You” 8. The Bowl of Rice, a sketch 9. Unspoken Words, a sketch Part II 1. Dance and Singer 2. Flossie at the Granada, a sketch 3. Crooner: “When I Love, I Love” and “The White Cliffs of Dover” 4. Uniform Thoughts on the Park, a poem 5. Songs: “The Cobbler’s Song” and “Russian Serenade” (in Russian) 6. Tap Dance 7. Corporal Otis Regrets and My Sister and I, parodies 8. Shuddering Heights, A tragic and gripping Victorian melodrama in four scenes. 9. Finale IV. ANGELS OVER BASE. RAF Middle Wallop, December 1942. Hullo Middle Wallop! Hullo Middle Wallop! This is “D” Watch Calling! This is “D” Watch Calling! We now Present: ANGELS OVER BASE Are you receiving us? Over. 1. Opening Chorus 2. Tap Dance 196 | Appendix B 3. Flossie at the Granada, a sketch 4. My Sister and I, sketch 5. Solo Tap Dance 6. WAAF Officer’s Selection Board, a sketch (see Appendix C) 7. The Shadow Passes, a sketch 8. Corporal Otis Regrets, a parody 9. Time Marches On, a sketch 10. Tap dance solo 11. Nightmare Ballet 12. Closing Chorus V. OUT OF THE SUN. Middle Wallop, 22 February 1943. 1. Opening Chorus 2. Double Tap number 3. Raw Bodies, a sketch 4. Harmony Trio 5. Women at War, a sketch 6. Acrobatic Dance 7. Health and Beauty, a sketch 8. You Are My Corporal, song parody 9. The Bowl of Rice, a ghost story 10. Cook’s Septet 11. Skipping Tap Dance 12. I’m Dreaming of a White Nighty, song parody after Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.” 13. Barcarole, dance and duet 14. Shuddering Heights, a melodrama 15. Closing Chorus VI. THE STARS LOOK DOWN. RAF Middle Wallop, 25 May; RAF Ibsley, 30 May 1943. Assisted by the Station Band. On 28 May 1943, 3 items of the Show were revived for a concert for Wings for Victory at the Guildhall, Andover. 1. Opening Chorus 2. Kit...


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