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Dramatis Personae William Edward Nightingale (1794-1874), father Parthenope Nightingale, Lady Verney (1819-90), sister (Sir) Harry Verney (1801-94), brother-in-law Douglas Galton (1822-99), Royal Engineer, husband of Marianne Henry Bonham Carter (1827-1921), cousin, Nightingale Fund Council Frederick W. Verney (1846-1913), son of Harry Verney Florence (Lees) Craven (1840-1922), district nursing leader Alice Fisher (1839-88), matron of four hospitals Amy Sarah Hughes (1856-1923), superintendent of district nursing Agnes Elizabeth Jones (1832-68), matron, Liverpool Workhouse Infirmary Mary Jones (1812-87), Anglican sister, matron, King’s College Hospital Jessie Lennox (c1839-?), matron, Belfast Eva Charlotte Lückes (1854-1919), matron, London Hospital Maria Machin (1843-1905) matron, Montreal, St Bartholomew’s Flora Masson (1857-1937), matron, Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford Lucy Osburn (1837-91), matron, Sydney Katharine Isabella Perssè (c1834-?), district nurse (Dr) John Sutherland (1808-91), sanitary expert, collaborator S.E. Wardroper (c1812-92), matron, St Thomas’ Hospital Angelique Lucille Pringle (1846-1920), matron, Edinburgh, St Thomas’ Mary Juliana Pyne (c1841-1927), matron, Westminster Hospital, London William Rathbone (1819-1902), philanthropist, nursing advocate Frances E. Spencer (c1843-1908), matron, Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh Jane Elizabeth Styring (c1850-?), matron, St Mary’s, Paddington Elizabeth Anne Torrance (c1836-?), matron, St Pancras Workhouse Elizabeth Vincent (c1841-after 1910), matron, Marylebone Workhouse Rachel Williams (later Norris) (1840-1908), matron, St Mary’s, Paddington / ix Florence Nightingale at work. Photograph courtesy of the Wellcome Library, London. x / Florence Nightingale: Extending Nursing x / Florence Nightingale: Extending Nursing ...


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