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Acknowledgments Acknowledgments are due first of all to the Henry Bonham Carter Will Trust for permission to publish Nightingale original manuscripts, and indeed for treating Nightingale material generally as being in the public domain. To the owners of Nightingale manuscripts thanks are due for their important role in conservation, for permitting scholarly access and for permitting copies to be made for this Collected Works. Many people worked on the preparation of the texts. Thanks are due to transcribers: Gwyneth Watkins, Arun Dhanota and Victoria Rea; to volunteer proofreaders: Patricia Warwick, Mary Boyce, Antonia Butler and the late Cherry Ambrose. Thanks to Patricia Warwick also for assistance with visuals, to Victoria Rea for work on the Probationers Registers, to Dr Anna Louise Penner for verification assistance in Boston and to Pat Paskiewicz for material on Florence Nightingale Shore. Archivists and librarians around the world provided skilled assistance , often beyond the call of duty. The St Thomas’ Hospital records and Nightingale Fund minute book, owned by the Florence Nightingale Museum (at the London Metropolitan Archives) were used extensively for the identification of nurses and their hospitals. At the Press thanks are due to Dr Brian Henderson, director; Rob Kohlmeier, managing editor; Doreen Armbruster, typesetter; Leslie Macreadie and Penelope Grows, marketing; Heather Blain-Yanke, production and editorial projects manager; Catharine Bonas Taylor, illustrations; and Lisa Quinn, peer review. The copy editing was done by Kristen Peterson Chew. Acknowledgments for photographs and other illustrations are given where they appear. Thanks to the anonymous peer reviewers for helpful comments. In spite of the assistance of so many people undoubtedly errors remain, which are the responsibility of the editor. I would be grateful for notification of any errors, and for information on missing identifications. Corrections will be made in the electronic text and any other later print publications. Lynn McDonald / vii ...


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