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· Foreword Quincy Jones xiii· Preface xv· Acknowledgments xix 1 Indiana Avenue and Crispus Attucks High School Lissa May 1 2 A Star Is Born Monika Herzig 16 3 New Beginnings Monika Herzig & Nathan Davis 46 4 Defining Jazz Education JB Dyas 65· illustrations 121 5 21st Century Bebop Monika Herzig & Brent Wallarab 139 6 The Composer David Ward-Steinman 173 7 David Baker and the Smithsonian: A Personal Perspective John Edward Hasse 230 8 Social Engagement Willard Jenkins 288 9 Coda Monika Herzig 303 Contents · Appendixes 327·  Bibliography of Written Works by David Baker 371· Discography 381· Selected List of Books, Articles, and Other Publications about David Baker 395· About the contributors 398· CD Track Listing 401· Index 403 ...


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