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anna nelson harry [The Girl and the Dog] [1933] There was a man and his wife. They had a daughter who was always playing around with the dog. Her mother told her: ‘‘Don’t play around with that bitch. Leave her alone.’’ They were going to move to another place. When they were ready to move, she was playing with the dog. So they left her playing with it. Before they left they tied the girl’s head and the bitch’s head together and left them like that. They had a female slave, too. The slave said: ‘‘Wait awhile, I forgotten my weekshk [woman’s knife].’’ It was just an excuse to go back and cut the girl and dog apart. She told the girl: ‘‘Don’t show yourself. I’m going to get a licking if they find I cut you loose.’’ The slave went back to the boat and they left. The girl was still crying. They went home to where they were before. After a year, the girl’s mother told the slave: ‘‘Go to our camp, and throw their bones out. Shovel them out.’’ So the slave went over there. The slave find the girl and dog. They were still alive. The house was almost full of things to eat. The dog was a good hunter. When the slave went over there, they fed her and gave her all she want to eat. She sneaked a piece of fat under her shirt for her son. The slave says: ‘‘I’m going home now. I’m staying too long. They’re going to get after me for it.’’ The girl said: ‘‘If they come back with you – – when they land, you run in first. We’re not going to let my father and mother in.’’ The slave got home. The mother asked her: ‘‘Did you shovel the bones out?’’ The slave said: ‘‘Yes.’’ That evening when they went to bed, the slave went to bed with her son  Eyak and gave the fat to her son. After the son ate up the fat, he started to cry for some more, and called for fat: ‘‘K’uq’əx .dee!’’ The woman asked the slave: ‘‘What’s wrong with your son? He never cried like that before.’’ ‘‘I tried to feed him with the breast, but it slipped out of his mouth. That’s why he cried.’’ The boy still kept crying. The woman asked the same question. The slave got mad, and said: ‘‘That daughter of yours that you tied to your dog got a house full of meat and gave me all I could eat. I hid a piece of fat for my son. After he ate it up he wants more.’’ ‘‘You want to get up early in the morning. We got to go there early in the morning. Try to stop your son from crying.’’ So next morning they started before daylight. When they land where the girl and dog were living, the slave grab her son, jump out and run. The girl asked the slave: ‘‘Is that my mother and father?’’ The slave said: ‘‘Yes.’’ The girl’s mother started to run up, too. She and her father said: ‘‘My poor daughter! My poor daughter!’’ The girl pulled down a piece of fat that was hanging and threw it toward her father and mother, and said: ‘‘You didn’t think I was your daughter when you tied me to a dog.’’ She said to the fat: ‘‘Turn into a glacier!’’ It did – – between her and her mother and father. The glacier got long, and the father and mother made a bird noise: ‘‘Gak gak.’’ It sounded farther and farther away. ...


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