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anna nelson harry Łuundiyahsluw The Big Mouse [] Big mouse living under a cliff. He come out every time someone pass in a canoe . Kill them and eat them. He killed several people like that. There was one old man taking three women to pick berries. Old man knew the mouse’s song. If you knew it he wouldn’t bother you. Sing it when passing. Old man was singing. The youngest woman said: ‘‘I wish we see this mouse.’’ Old man said: ‘‘Don’t! What you say that for?’’ Just a few minutes later, the water turned red under the cliff and spread out to the canoe. The old man was still singing the mouse’s song. Mouse come out backward – – halfway out. He put his tail out of water and dropped it on the canoe. The old man, when he dropped his tail, jumped on the mouse’s tail. He hang onto the tail. The women were all killed. Mouse went back under the cliff with the old man. He was saved. The mouse came into a big room under the cliff. The man went to the other side of the cave from the mouse. The man sang the mouse’s song so the mouse didn’t bother him. He got some feed for the man. The mouse only went hunting at time of no moon, when it’s dark. When the mouse goes hunting – – there was a root of a tree sticking down from the roof of the cave – – he [the man] tried the strength of the root. Later he climbed to the roof. The mouse had a hole clear to the top of the ground where he stuck his tail out. Man climbed clear out but came down before mouse came back from hunting and sat down where he was before. When mouse comes back sometimes he brings back big seal or halibut. He puts it under himself to cook them. When it gets cooked, he bring it out and give it to the man. The man eats it. At one time the mouse went out toward morning. The mouse was supposed to be home before the raven starts to make a noise. When the mouse left, the man climbed the root and got out. Before he got very far, the mouse came back. The mouse was making all kinds of noise in the cave because he  Eyak missed the man. He stuck his tail out of the hole and swung it around. The man got home. At full moon the mouse sleeps sound. When old man got home he told the young man to try to snare a crow. If they snare a crow in full moon time they’re going back to mouse’s den. ‘‘Sharpen all that you use for your old knives, and sharpen all that you use for your old axe,’’ the old man said. When they caught the raven they have all knives and axes sharp. They go to where the mouse sticks out his tail. Mouse had his tail sticking out the hole when he’s sleeping. (Tail was like a watchman.) The old man sneaked up on him with an axe. He chopped the mouse’s tail twice before he cut it off. The mouse pulled the rest of his tail down. The young man said: ‘‘Throw the crow down that hole!’’ So the crow started to make all kinds of noise down there. The mouse started to go out under the cliff. He got halfway out before he died. After the mouse died, the old man went down on the root and looked at the mouse. When he found the mouse was dead, he came back up and told the other man. This young man would like to see it. So they went down and looked at it. When they came out, the mouse turned into a rock. The crow came back out of the hole, too. [The hunter must rise before the crow makes a noise in the morning, or he will not get any game. All the animals are up before the crow. If the crow gets up before an animal does, the animal will die.] ...


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