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anna nelson harry Lake-Dwarves A person it was, he was going around.1 Just going around he was, he came upon those who live around lakes. They’re dwarves,2 around lakes. He stayed there, watching them, those lake-dwarves. They were boating around in canoes. Canoes, little ones, were simply full inside of them. They were boating around, two [canoes]. At that point a mouse3 it was, it came out. That was a brown bear,4 a brown bear for them, a mouse. They saw it. They got in a hubbub over it, that mouse. They were going to kill it. Their bows-and-arrows, they shot it. Finally they killed it,  Eyak that mouse. A mouse lo, they saw another one, again. They were going to kill it too. The man was watching that, ‘‘Wha-? what is that?’’ he was thinking about it, people. They killed that last one and then, they all landed and, they dragged them up the shore, those mice. Their innards, they were butchering them, they butchered them. How, brown bears are butchered, they were butchering them like that. Its skin, they took it off.5 It was being loaded into the boats, the meat, the mouse-meat. Quite a number of them were struggling with loads of it.6 Two [were carrying] a hindquarter, they were carrying a mouse-thigh, into a boat. Its ribs, its spine, a mouse-spine. That lesser little mouse, a small one, that was a black bear, it was a black bear for them. anna nelson harry: lake-dwarves  They were still bustling about over them and then, that person took one of them, he grabbed one of them, the wee people. He grabbed one of them. While they were preoccupied with the mice,7 he grabbed one of them. Then he stuck him down in under his belt. Thus he said to him, he said thus to the person, ‘‘These, things I hunt with, I’ll give them to you, if you let me go, if you release me,’’ he said to him, to that person. ‘‘Let me go. You’ll become a great hunter, if you let me go.’’ He was begging him quite pitifully, that little fellow. So then, he said to him, ‘‘I’ll show you, this which we kill things with.’’ Thus he gave it to him. It was the size of his thumb. It was a leaf.8 Strawberry, it was like a strawberry-leaf. ‘‘This, you shall put it inside your rifle. When you’re going to shoot anything,’’ he said to him. He let him go. They were already about to leave in their boats. They were waiting for him,  Eyak who had disappeared, who had been missing from among them there, they had missed him. He had disappeared from their midst. So then, he let him go and he was running back along down there. He ran back to amongst his kinfolk. He was asked, ‘‘Where are your weapons?’’9 ‘‘I gave them away.10 That’s how I managed to get back here. A huge fellow,11 big as a tree he was, grabbed me. I paid him off.12 Forasmuch as I paid him with all my things, he released me. This is how I managed to get back here.’’ ‘‘Maybe it was tree-people,’’13 they said to him. ‘‘No, he was a person. He was the size of a tree though. A huge person. He was enormous. He had clothes on. He stuck me down in under his belt. Then14 I kept trying to pay him off so he’d let me go. He let me go. This that I shoot with, I gave him my hunting-leaf. For that it was he let me go,’’ he said thus to his kinfolk, ‘‘Quick, hurry up!15 He’ll come upon us again!’’ They put out. They got across the lake. They boated home. anna nelson harry: lake-dwarves  Goodness, how those women came running down!16 Their little husbands17 had come boating home to them. They had killed a brown bear, and they had killed a black bear. They had brought them ashore. They hung them up in the curing-house. They did that, right away, those women. It was already evening, nevertheless they hung them up. Just as is they hung them up, that meat. The next day they would cut it into strips. They went to bed. It was expected at any...


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