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miska deaphon Dotron’ Suje Gona’ No’iłtsenh Raven Fixes Marten’s Arm Raven was living at this place. There were lots of people there. They were all kinds of animals living in one place. They were playing with a ball when more people came from upriver to play.1 The local people kept beating the upriver people. The upriver people became angry. They all started to play again. They were wolf people and grizzly people that came from upriver. They kept on playing, and then one of the upriver people tore off one person’s arm. They took it back upriver with them. The downriver people did not know what to do. One of them was hurt, and they were unable to do anything about it. They told Raven, ‘‘You are never beaten. Go upriver and get the arm. He [the person who lost his arm] is really sick.’’ But Raven said, ‘‘It’s impossible .’’ The people kept insisting that he do something. Finally Raven said, ‘‘What will I do to those big people? I can’t do anything to them. I know they have the arm hanging. They also have something that rings hanging by it. There isn’t any way to get the arm back.’’ When Raven still wouldn’t go, they fattened one dog for him because he was lazy. When it became fat, they killed the dog and cooked it. Then they brought it to him. When they brought it in, Raven was lying down on his back. ‘‘If we give this to you, would you look around upriver for the arm?’’ they asked him. Finally Raven moved his toes, ‘‘After I eat that I will try. When I paddle upriver, I will be gone awhile. It will be because I am trying to get the arm,’’ he said. After he ate, he started to get ready to leave. Then he told them, ‘‘If nothing happens to me and I return, take the hurt person to the riverbank and have the injured side facing the river.’’ Raven was leaving when Hawk Owl man spoke to him, ‘‘Uncle, I will go with you.2 I will just keep you company. If you happen to leave the canoe behind somewhere, I could wait for you there.’’ Raven took him along.  Upper Kuskokwim He was paddling along when he came to a portage. There was a trail. He stopped on a sandbar and turned over the canoe. He left instructions with Owl, ‘‘If nothing happens to me and I come back, throw the canoe back in the water. Have it ready so I will just jump in it.’’ The Owl agreed. Raven walked the portage. When he had walked a while, he stopped and picked some spruce boughs and set them in one place. Then he defecated on them and they turned into clothes.3 When he put them on, he looked really good. They did not look anything like what the people around here wore. Again he put spruce boughs together. He did the same as he had done before , and they became clothes too. They were woman’s clothes. He knew there was a single girl with the upriver people. The clothes were for her. He also knew the arm was hanging above where she sleeps. He circled around and came to the house from the upriver side. When they saw him they said, ‘‘Where is that Copper Center person coming from? Only people around there dress like that. They use dentalium shells.’’4 They made him comfortable. They also gave him the single girl. He gave her the clothes and she put them on. He wished to himself they would put him under the place where the arm was hanging. As he wished, they gave him a caribou-skin mattress to put beneath the arm. There he stayed, but he was watched really closely. He couldn’t touch the arm. He poked at it with a cane that he had and asked what it was. The girl said, ‘‘I don’t know. The people that went hunting brought it in from somewhere. It has been hanging there since then.’’ He poked it. When it swung, the things that were hanging around it rang. When they did, the people came running. ‘‘Who is moving it?’’ they asked. The girl told them, ‘‘This person is wondering what it is and poked it with his cane. He doesn’t know what it is.’’ They told Raven, ‘‘We have...


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