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miska deaphon Dotron’ Minagha’ Sritonedak Di Raven Lost His Eyes Here is a story of Raven and what he did. Raven was sitting on the edge of the bank. He looked up and down the river, but he did not see anyone. He was getting tired, so he took out his eyes and left them on the bank. ‘‘I will sleep. If someone comes, you will tell me,’’ he said and hung up his eyes on a tree. Raven went back inside and went to bed. It was not long after he went to bed that his eyes, which he left on the bank, started telling him that someone was coming. His eyes kept saying that someone was coming, so he got up and went out. He put his eyes back on himself and looked up the river. All he saw was a tree root drifting down, and he told his eyes, ‘‘You did not look very good. It is only a drift log. There is no one on the river.’’ That was what he said, and he hung his eyes on the tree again and went back inside. He went back to bed, and after a long time, his eyes started telling him again that someone was coming down the river. This time he thought to himself, ‘‘They are lying to me again.’’ His eyes said that someone was coming closer. After a while, his eyes did not say anything anymore. Raven was blind, so he felt his way back out to the bank. He felt for his eyes where he thought he had left them hanging. He kept searching for his eyes. He really lost the place, and as he felt the ground, he found a deep trail. Up there a little ways, there was a ridge coming down from a mountain. He knew of this place where there were no trees. He thought, ‘‘Maybe if I put a berry in my eye, I will see again.’’ So he started for that place. He had a hard time. He even crawled. When he finally got there, he found a blueberry, which he put in place of his eyes. When he put the berries in, he could not see with them. They were too dark. He knew there was another ridge coming down the mountains and a trail went across there, so he crawled over there. He found something like cranberries and tried those for his eyes. But when he put them in, everything looked red to him. They did not fit well miska deaphon: raven lost his eyes  either. They kept falling out because they were too small. He did not know what to do, so he kept climbing and found another berry – – it was the one called Camp Robber’s eyes.1 He could see with this berry, but his eyes were red. He looked like a man but a person from some other place. He came back down to his house, and he thought to himself, ‘‘Maybe I should paddle up river to see where they put my eyes.’’ So he got his canoe and started up river. He was paddling along when he heard, up there among the big trees, what sounded like a lot of people laughing. He wanted to find out what all the noise was about, so he stopped on the bank and pulled his canoe up. He started walking back into the woods. But when he walked back there, it was a portage, and there was nobody there. The noise was still heard in the woods, however. When he went down to the river [on the other side of the portage], he found a house. Before he came to the house, he put a bunch of spruce boughs in a pile. He spread them out, and then he defecated on it. When he did that, it became clothes.2 He put these fancy clothes on. The mukluks were the prettiest. Then he put on another pile of spruce boughs and defecated again. Again there were clothes there. These he put in a bag. He carried them along as he walked. He came down to a house by the river. There was a young girl there who did not go with the others. She was a single girl waiting for the right man to come along. She told him she had been asked many times by men to marry her but she refused. When Raven showed her the clothes that he had...


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