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peter john from ‘‘Out on Our Own’’ I Don’t Go Around It’s altogether different kind of person you’re talking to. I don’t go around and pet my relations. I never go around my sister Lena and I never see her. So that’s the kind of person I am. Why should I go around her? She got her own life to worry about. She don’t have to worry about me. So I just lay it out the way it is. I see other people from the windows. I see them from out the door, that’s good enough. All I had to worry about was my kids, my family. You hang around people too much you get too many complaints and that’s no good. So you going to worry about yourself and just keep away from everybody. Sure, I’m willing to help anybody. I’m willing to help my sister anytime she want help, but she never did ask. So that’s the way it is. That’s the way it is with human being. I think all of us is like that. I don’t like to travel to new places. For a person like me and my wife, we got to have somebody that knows how to read and write with us. To go to the store we have to ask a lot of questions. We don’t like to do it, because that’s not the way we live, by bothering people. I don’t think it’s nice to bother people. I know for sure that me and my wife never did bother nobody. We’re not going to go around and ask questions of everybody we see. That’s not the way for us. That’s not the way to respect people. If you want to respect people you got to be yourself and do what you know only. That’s the way we are. ...


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