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peter john from ‘‘Set Your Mind’’ Never Get Scared When I was a kid I learned by looking at other people. Whatever I’m interested in, if a person do it, well, I go and watch them. That way I learn. I live in the brush all my life. Everything I learn is what I went by. I learn how to hunt, call moose. I track anything if I have to. I hunt with bow and arrow. In fact I kill caribou with bow and arrow, ducks, fish. I see how old people do it and okay, I do it. I catch them. It’s something that’s a lot of fun. The arrow know to go to the fish. Once you hit them they take off and then that rod just float up and you pull them in. The people that I seen, they hit a moose with bow and arrow and just shoot right through. Arrow and all. They get grizzly, hit them with bow and arrow, just go right through. They’re not weak people that I seen. Real husky people. When he sees a bear he just grabs him by the head and kills him with a knife. That’s the kind of people I seen. We’ve been taught that once you get scared, that’s the end of your life. Never get scared. If you want to tackle something. Okay. You just make up your mind that you’re going to get ’em and you’ll get ’em. That’s what we been taught. When I was twenty-five nothing’s going to stop me. Because I can handle myself and I can take care of myself. Anything going to try to tackle me, he’s got to come right up to me. I ain’t going to run away from it. My wife was a witness one time I shot three bears with .. I looked down in that den and there was bear there. I shot him with .. There was another one and I shot him with .. I give her my gun and went down there. I tell her you watch to see if another bear come out. I grabbed the one that I shot and I pull him, drag him out of the den. Another dead one, I grab him and pull him out. That one, too. And I look in there and there was another one in there. I shot them all with . right in the head. Where else? You can’t hit them in the butt. peter john: never get scared  I live in the brush all my life. It’s just no use to get scared. I killed moose, I don’t know how many times with .. See my wife, how small she is. Bull moose come up ten feet from her and she never even get scared. All she do is holler to me that she got no shells. I run across an open place and shot him as he was turning around. The thing is this, that I never get nervous. I kill bear lot of times close to me as that table. Once when bear was charging me, and there were some other boys with me, I tell them, ‘‘Let him come. Let him come.’’ When he got five feet away I shot him and he drop right there. I very seldom missed. That’s the reason I never get scared. Now if you think your gun’s going to jam or anything, you’ll get scared. That’s the reason why when you’re going to get ’em, you’re going to get ’em. That’s all you got to think of. Kids have to start young training for that. My boys, and grandchildren, I try to teach them how to stand up and face things when it come to them. The main thing is to make sure shot. Just once is good enough. The old people tell me, you shoot once. If you wound that one you’re after, you’re going to have hard time. They say don’t miss. When I shoot moose with . it drop just like this, because I know where to get ’em. ...


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