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kitty smith Naakw: Devilfish, or Octopus, Helper Some Coast Indians, brothers, were going to an island one time. They told their brother-in-law there are lots of eggs there – – He’s married to their sister. ‘‘I want to go. I’ll go with you. Your sister wants to eat some eggs,’’ he told them. ‘‘All right. Come on.’’ They took him. There are four brothers and this one, that lady’s husband. They keep going, keep going. Pretty soon, now, island. Gee! He sees island now – – ducks, everything. Lots of eggs. He picks them up. They got wood. They cooked them. He ate eggs, too. That time, he put some aside for his wife in a net basket. He filled it up, put it in the boat. Just when they finished eating, those four boys ran off, Jumped in the boat – – They let that brother-in-law go. ‘‘Ah, they’re just playing with me,’’ he thought. ‘‘I’ll sit down here. It’s all right. I’m going to eat eggs.’’ kitty smith: naakw  My goodness, they left him. Don’t come back! It gets dark now. When they get home, his wife asks them, ‘‘Where is your brother-in-law?’’ ‘‘Down on shore. He saw something. We let him go – – he’ll come back. He wants to look for porcupine.’’ That’s what they said. They lied: they put him on that island. Well, he stayed there. He lived on eggs, he cooked eggs. He put out snares for seagull. I don’t know how long he was there. His wife asked her brothers, ‘‘What’s the matter? He doesn’t come back.’’ ‘‘I don’t know.’’ He stayed there. One time he saw a boat. He lay down. He should have stayed down until they landed, But they saw him. His brothers-in-law came back. As soon as they saw him, they took off. They went back. Bad people! But he’s living there – – he snares seagulls. He’s got fire all that time – – lots of drift logs there. He stayed there . . . stayed there . . . He got up one morning. Boat was there! Nobody in it, though. He went to see it. He didn’t go close, though. That man is coming his way.  Southern Tutchone ‘‘Gee, what are you doing here? How long you stay here?’’ ‘‘Well, my brothers-in-law came here to get eggs. We’ve got eggs, and they let me go here. Pretty near two months I stay here,’’ he told that man. ‘‘But those birds that lay eggs are all gone now. They fly away. No eggs there no more.’’ But he’s living, though. Those seagulls are coming there – – that’s what he lives on. He talks to him nice, ‘‘Where’s your place?’’ ‘‘My place is up there.’’ ‘‘Oh, my!’’ That man went to his boat. He had dry fish. ‘‘You like this kind?’’ ‘‘Yes!’’ He’s happy now. ‘‘Get in the boat. I’m not going to take you right to your city, just close.’’ Right here is the city . . . right here is a point. Right there, he let him go: he landed at that point. ‘‘You know your place?’’ ‘‘Yes, I’m going to walk there.’’ He sat down there until it got dark. It’s pretty near August now. When it gets dark, when people are sleeping, that’s the time he wants to get home now. He goes home. They closed that door: his wife’s room is behind that door. kitty smith: naakw  ‘‘Who’s that?’’ she asked him. ‘‘Me!’’ Gee, it’s a long time since he got lost. She got up. She came out to him. Some people were sleeping there. They go to her room. She asked him, ‘‘What did they do to you?’’ ‘‘They let me go on that island.’’ ‘‘But they said you went on shore, That you went to get porcupine on shore. You don’t come back, So I guessed grizzly bear killed you. They tried to look around for you on that shore. People looked around.’’ ‘‘No, they left me on that island.’’ ‘‘Which way did you come back?’’ ‘‘Oh, some way I got help.’’ He doesn’t tell her, though, that somebody brought him. ‘‘Some way I came back.’’ He slept there. In the morning, that lady got up, started cooking. Her husband slept. She cooked something and took it to him. One week, they stayed that way. He’s getting better now, you...


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