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annie ned How First This Yukon Came to Be Some people tell stories Coast Indian way. Me, I tell it Yukon way. Crow and Beaverman Well, I know lots of people, old people, long time.1 They tell the same stories, old people That’s the ones I know, [About] first when this land comes, When this ground was fixed. One time, lots of people camped at one place. People go one way [in one direction], one way they go. Other people don’t know which way they went. They don’t come back, don’t come back, don’t come back home. They just go. Crow and Beaver – – they call Beaver Äsùya – – that means Smart Man, The two of them [go together], that’s all. They figure they want to go the way those people go. Somebody tells them to go because people don’t come back. They go . . . they follow – – they follow the track. They go . . . go . . . go. Pretty soon they come to a mountain, a mountain. They climb to the top of the mountain: It goes downhill, bad place. From here they slide down, those people [who disappeared]. Then, Wolverine stays down there: annie ned: how first this yukon came to be  He’s got something to kill people when they slide down – – Dry something – – little dry tree, you know; They slide down, And it’s just like they’re poked inside [impaled] with that one, Get killed. In those days that Wolverine, he’s big, big! Long time ago, they’re big, they say, Wolverines. They eat those people. His wife, too, is big. As soon as they get people there, they eat them. I said that old people tell me this story. Not one man told me, but ten people, old people. My grandpa and my grandmother, They’re all with me when they died. Other old people, too, they told me. So Crow and Äsùya killed him. They come to that Wolverine place, to the slides. They know that down there something is killing the people. Those Wolverines put water down there to [make a] slide down. Then it froze, and you can slide down fast. Just then, they’re poked inside. Crow and Beaver take off their shirt. They put the branches inside and make it [look] like a leg, too. Then they push it down. Pretty soon, a man is down there on the bottom And he pokes at the branches they put in the shirt, filled up like a person. They see him. Then he pulls it – – it’s light, that one. He’s got a camp there. His wife is there, his family is there. He comes down. He started poking a stick into them. So Crow and Äsùya think about it theirself, and they killed him with bow and arrow. They’ve got a sharp rock, I guess, a long time ago – – a bone. And when it hits him, it comes out. It goes right through and kills him.  Southern Tutchone ‘‘That was not a person, that one, Wolverine.’’ Oh, big. They’re big! So they kill him. They ran down one side [of the slide] and they killed that Wolverine. Big one. They poked him with that bow and arrow. His wife stays there, too; she’s big, too, that one. Fat. They eat lots of people, I guess. Then they come to his wife. ‘‘What for you eat people? What for your husband eats people, you too?’’ they tell her. ‘‘I suppose you got to be game, you.’’ Just like they lesson people, teach people, that Crow and Beaver. Well, they talk. ‘‘We got to kill her.’’ ‘‘Yes, we got to kill her, too.’’ That one’s got pups, that woman. They kill her, kill with bow and arrow, same. After that, they cut her open. Those pups climb up trees like this. Wolverine. They’re alive then, As soon as they kill her, Crow and Beaver run to the tree. ‘‘What are we going to do [with them]?’’ ‘‘Well, when they grow how big they are now [that’s enough].’’ They don’t want [them to be] big. It’s just like they hit them. annie ned: how first this yukon came to be  ‘‘So, we’ve got to kill them. Save two, one female and one man.’’ They saved two; the rest they want to kill them. That Beaver wants to climb up to where they got in the...


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