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Contents  Preface vii List of Abbreviations xi Part One: Dewey Between Pragmatism and Constructivism 1 John Dewey: His Life and Work 3 Larry A. Hickman 2 Pragmatism: Diversity of Subjects in Dewey’s Philosophy and the Present Dewey Scholarship 19 Stefan Neubert 3 Constructivism: Diversity of Approaches and Connections with Pragmatism 39 Kersten Reich Part Two: Pragmatism and Constructivism after Dewey 4 Dialogue Between Pragmatism and Constructivism in Historical Perspective 67 Kenneth W. Stikkers 5 Dewey’s Constructivism: From the Reflex Arc Concept to Social Constructivism 84 Jim Garrison PAGE v { v } ................. 17147$ CNTS 01-07-09 14:25:00 PS vi contents 6 Observers, Participants, and Agents in Discourses: A Consideration of Pragmatist and Constructivist Theories of the Observer 106 Kersten Reich 7 Pragmatism, Constructivism, and the Philosophy of Technology 143 Larry A. Hickman 8 Pragmatism, Constructivism, and the Theory of Culture 162 Stefan Neubert Part Three: Discussion by the Contributors 9 After Cologne: An Online Email Discussion about the Philosophy of John Dewey 187 Larry A. Hickman, Stefan Neubert, Kersten Reich, Kenneth W. Stikkers, and Jim Garrison Notes 243 Bibliography 253 Contributors 269 Index 271 PAGE vi ................. 17147$ CNTS 01-07-09 14:25:00 PS ...


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