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70 All the Unlikeness I detected your scent in the dark and followed it into the woods with too much confidence, forgetful of the beasts who had become estranged from me and dangerous. I ran with the stamina of a bear throughout the night, imagining a song as I ran: Youaremysunshine.Myonlysunshine. Your sweetness in the air that was also foul emboldened me to track you down, I have exited the parlor of your sheepfold now with no way back through the open door. I could wander like this forever until I disappear, lie down somewhere where no one can find me in the steppe then dream my way across the river, leave only you to tell the story of my forgiveness and your contumely, of my transgression and your dark beauty. What livelihood awaits me now that I’m obsessed with the memory of you shaving my back, combing my hair, kissing my cock? I know I was a fool for drinking from your spring instead of the river. I was a man who didn’t know I was a man until I slept with you, then woke in this dream that I’m still having. I’m this far down The Road of the Sun without regard for what anyone thinks about my love, picking up your scent deNiord text-2.indd 70 11/10/10 10:40 AM 71 that is so strong it has remained in the air like a flower that continues to bloom. I sing the song that I made up about your body, how all of its pieces are less than the whole I can’t describe, how each exquisite part brings to mind another thing that is nothing like what I say it is—your breasts twin clouds that float forever, your lips two figs I cannot pick, your groin a lamp that burns in the river—but nonetheless is inside my heart. I’m this obsessed with all the unlikeness that you inspire as I wander the hills without the innocence that was my loneliness. deNiord text-2.indd 71 11/10/10 10:40 AM ...


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