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33 The Bride as Scout I 2 I kept waking to the voices of reruns, cowboys mostly, then drifting off to sleep.           I must have heard them also in my sleep, for I dreamt of lawmen on the trail at night lying around a fire discussing a plan for tracking their man through the canyon tomorrow.                It was their wisdom to sleep that gave me hope in my sleep for capturing the man, for bringing justice to the land that was mostly wild.         The low, desultory tones of their voices sang to me from the other side, took the hand of my mind and led me over.                I was asleep but awake to myself in an empty bed that was also the shore of a swollen river. II 2            I spied the man on the shore and went to him with a blanket and pillow.                Lay down beside him on the lam and whispered, “They’re not far behind, my love, but we can lose them.”             He was my fugitive in the hills, wanted, wanted.            I had the power as my reward deNiord text-2.indd 33 11/10/10 10:40 AM 34 to read the stars as good-bye letters.              “Come back. Come back,” I cried to the hole in the morning.                “In the time it takes to make an arrest, I will have slept with him forever.” deNiord text-2.indd 34 11/10/10 10:40 AM ...


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