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ix Illustrations Frontispiece Sketch of Robert Lincoln by his granddaughter Following page 136 Robert Lincoln’s 1864 Harvard class photo With other members of the Hasty Pudding Club “The Lincoln Family in 1861” Mary Harlan Lincoln on her wedding day, 1868 Mamie Lincoln, age twenty-one Abraham “Jack” Lincoln II at about age sixteen Jessie Lincoln, age fourteen “President Garfield and His Cabinet,” 1881 President Arthur and party at Yellowstone, 1883 “King Chester Arthur’s Knight(cap)s of the Round Table,” 1882 Political cartoon lampooning Secretary of War Lincoln, 1883 “Tannhauser at Chicago”: possible presidential candidates, 1884 Following page 300 “Tobacco card” depicting Robert Lincoln as a presidential possibility, 1888 “Preparing for a Ten Strike,” political cartoon, 1888 Lincoln and daughter Mamie in Paris, 1888 “The ‘Press View’ at the Candidate Show,” political cartoon, 1895 Lincoln as president of the Chicago Telephone Company, 1897 Lincoln “Linc” Isham and his father, Charles, around 1908 Jessie Harlan Lincoln Beckwith and her children, around 1912 Lincoln’s summer home, Hildene, 1909 Lincoln around the turn of the century “Hoo’s Hoo To-day,” cartoon poking fun at Lincoln’s aversion to publicity, 1914 Life magazine cartoon depicting Robert’s angst over statue of his father, 1918 Robert Lincoln, age seventy-seven On the grounds of Hildene, around 1920 Last public appearance, at the Lincoln Memorial dedication, 1922 Robert Lincoln’s gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery ...


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