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Contents List of Illustrations ix Acknowledgments xi Introduction 1 1. “I Was Born in the Globe Tavern” 5 2. “Is Bicarb a Swear Word?” 20 3. “The Most Profitable [Year] of My Life” 33 4. “Robert Lincoln Has Been Dubbed the Prince of Rails!” 48 5. “He Is Only Mr. Robert Lincoln, of Cambridge” 64 6. “A Very Dreadful Night” 89 7. “I Feel Utterly without Spirit or Courage” 106 8. “One of the Most Promising Young Men of the West” 122 9. “I Am Likely to Have a Good Deal of Trouble” 137 10. “I Am in Better Shape Than Most” 152 11. “I Have Done My Duty as I Best Know” 169 12. “I Could Have Stopped This Scheme with Little Trouble” 190 13. “I Don’t Want to Be Minister to England or Anywhere Else” 204 14. “How Many Hours of Sorrow I Have Passed in This Town” 220 15. “The Best Secretary of War since Jefferson Davis” 235 16. “I Am Not a Candidate” 253 17. “I Expect Only the Greatest Satisfaction” 265 18. “I Don’t Want to Be Nobody nor Nothink except a Chicago Shyster” 282 19. “As Much a Man of Destiny as His Lamented Father” 301 20. “Minister Lincoln Was Quietness Personified” 320 21. “What Would His Father Say?” 335 22. “I Am Now a Vermont Farmer!” 352 23. “My Filial Gratitude Cannot Find Adequate Expression” 372 24. “I Am Now Enjoying Life” 389 25. “He Simply Went to Sleep” 405 Epilogue: “His Own Place in the Sun” 416 Notes 425 Bibliography 553 Index 585 ...


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