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A C K N O W L E D G M E N T S This book would not have been possible without the help and support of many people: my mother, Sandy, who took me to my first World Series victory parade; my father, Tim, who took me to Cooperstown every summer for Hall of Fame weekend; my brothers, Tim and Mike; my brother-in-law, Glenn; my sisters-in-law, Jen, Julie, and Taylor; my mother- and father-in-law, Karen and Roy; my second parents, Marty and Donna; and the Donnellys, Kassabs, Praschils , Leahys, Dudases, Salzanos, Kennedys, and O’Connors. For their nonstop support, my thanks to all of my friends, from the people I knew back at Lincoln School to those I have come to know through college and work. The cooperation of the following people, who put up with constant phone calls and emails, is deeply appreciated: Jay Horwitz, Lauren Moran, Mike McNally, Terry Galbraith Brown, Kate Manchester, Ray Schulte, Martin Coco, Martin McNeal, Lilly Walters Schermerhorn, Jamie Ramsey, Joe Bick, Amy Summers, JoAnn Poysky, Melissa Geraghty, Steven Fehr, Jeff at Branded Solutions, Alan Nero, Bart Swain, Kevin McLaughlin, Ben VanHouten, Gordon Engelhardt, Russ Spielman, Pat O’Connell, Dan O’Connor, and Ben at the Hall of Fame. I would especially like to thank four people. My editor, Beth Kressel, guided me through this process. Writing a book was a bit harder than I thought. At first, I wanted to include every single piece of information I could. Fortunately, Beth taught me how to streamline. She could not have been easier to work with. Molan Goldstein, who went through hundreds of pages of text to fine-tune xi the manuscript, also deserves my appreciation. Lastly, Tim Hevly and Kelly Munroe of the Seattle Mariners were incredibly helpful and cooperative in setting up interviews with various current and former Seattle Mariners. Tim and Kelly are complete professionals, and the hospitality they, as well as various other members of the Mariners, showed me was appreciated more than they will ever know. xii • ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Baseball’s GREATEST SERIES ...


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