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Contents Preface: On Life Betwixt and Between ix Prologue to a Diasporan Journey 1 Part I. Reimagining North America's African Diaspora 1. "Africa" in Minnesota 15 2. Ethnographic Grounding 24 Part II. Across Diasporan Space/Time: Who Is "African"in a Global Ecumene? 3. "Three Parts African":Blood, Heart, Skin, and Memory 37 4. Organizing Across Diasporan Crosscurrents 59 5. The African Body Resistant 81 Part HI. Creating "Africa":A State of Mind/Body/Spirit 6. Healing the Mind: Embodying an African Epistemology 97 7. Healing the Body: Reactivating the African Habitus 114 8. Healing the Spirit: Embodying an African Historicity 139 Epilogue to a Diasporan Journey 162 Appendix A: Research Design, Methods, and Documents 179 viii Contents Appendix B: Cultural WellnessCenter and Powderhorn Photographs/ Bruce Silcox 185 Notes 199 Bibliography 213 Index 233 ...