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CONTENTS PREFACE ix INTRODUCTION 1 eric patterson 1. MORAL RESPONSIBILITY AFTER CONFLICT 17 The Idea of Jus Post Bellum for the Twenty-First Century james turner johnson 2. THE AFTERMATH OF WAR 35 Reflections on Jus Post Bellum michael walzer 3. JUS ANTE AND POST BELLUM 47 Completing the Circle, Breaking the Cycle george r. lucas jr. 4. IN MY BEGINNING IS MY END 65 robert royal 5. A MORE PERFECT PEACE 77 Jus Post Bellum and the Quest for Stable Peace robert e. williams jr. 6. ETHICS IN THE TIMES OF WAR 97 pauletta otis 7. JUST WAR AND AN ETHICS OF RESPONSIBILITY 123 jean bethke elshtain 8. ENDING THE US CIVIL WAR WELL 145 Reconciliation and Transitional Justice david a. crocker vii viii contents 9. JUSTICE AFTER WAR 175 Toward a New Geneva Convention brian orend 10. ‘‘JUST PEACE’’ An Elusive Ideal 197 mark evans CONCLUSION 221 Toward a Twenty-First Century Jus Post Bellum eric patterson CONTRIBUTORS 231 INDEX 237 ...