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Copyright © 2012 by University of Massachusetts Press All rights reserved Printed in the United States of America LC 2011050377 ISBN 978-1-55849-919-5 (paper); 918-8 (library cloth) Designed by Sally Nichols Set in Minion Pro Printed and bound by Thomson-Shore, Inc. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Pelka, Fred, 1954– What we have done : an oral history of the disability rights movement / fred pelka.       p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 978-1-55849-919-5 (pbk. : alk. paper) ­ — ISBN 978-1-55849-918-8 (library cloth : alk. paper) 1. People with disabilities—Civil rights— United States—History. 2. People with disabilities—Legal status, laws, etc—United States—History. 3. United States. Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. I. Title. KF480.P45 2012 346.7301'3—dc23                                                             2011050377 British Library Cataloguing in Publication data are available. Cover photo: Wheels of Justice march on the US Capitol, March 12, 1990. Courtesy of Tom Olin. First row, left to right: George Roberts (holding the “We Shall Overcome” sign); Stephanie Thomas (in her chair); Janine Bertram Kemp; Frank Lozano and his dog Frazier; Jennifer Keelan (in her chair) and her sister Kailee (walking beside her). Second row, left to right: Isaiah Thomas; Evan Kemp Jr.; Justin Dart Jr. being pushed by Jay Rochlin; Michael Winter; Edie Olin (pushing Jennifer’s chair). ...


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