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— vii — Contents Preface     ix one. Introduction     1 E. Paul Durrenberger Two. Thinking Political Communities: The State and Social Stratification among Ancient Nomads of Mongolia     29 William Honeychurch three. Dividing Land and Creating Class: The Development of a LandlordTenant Political Economy in Medieval Iceland     65 Douglas Bolender Four. Fried’s Evolutionary Model, Social Stratification, and the Nuosu in Southwest China     85 Ann Maxwell Hill Five. Class and Consciousness in the “Antiglobal” South: On Poverty, Climate Change, and the Illusion of Creating Wealth     105 Paul Trawick — viii — C o n t e n t s Six. Crash, Collapse, and Catastrophe in Postindustrial North America     149 Dimitra Doukas Seven. Class and Consciousness: The American Farmer’s Daughter     169 Barbara J. Dilly Eight. Immigrant Heterogeneity and Class Consciousness in New Rural US Destinations     201 David Griffith Nine. Class Consciousness in a Complicated Setting: Race, Immigration Status, Nationality, and Class on the US-Mexico Border     223 Josiah Heyman Ten. Difference and Dispossession: Considerations on the Making and Unmaking of a Labor Elite at Saturn     249 Sharryn Kasmir Eleven. Do Hair and Class Gel?     275 Kate Goltermann Twelve. Dreams, Illusions, and Realities: Conclusions     297 E. Paul Durrenberger List of Contributors     305 Index     309 ...