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Bird’s-eye view of village in Sleman (1995) Women planting paddies in Sleman (1995) Close-up of women planting paddies in Sleman (1995) Trading next to the field in Sleman (1995) Washing clothes in Sleman (1995) Women vendors in the market in Sleman (1995) Bu Simba’s kitchen before renovations (1995) Arisan in Sleman (1995) Siti and village head in front of village office in Sleman (1996) Subvillage head and wife in Sleman (2004) Subvillage head, Ann, and colleague in Sleman (2004) Prosperous farm family in Sleman (2007) Woman harvesting rice with sickles in Sleman (2007) Loading a rice-hulling machine in Sleman (2007) Women at pengajian in Bantul (2004) Candidate for village head in Bantul (1996) Gathering for arisan in Bantul (2007) Winning money at arisan in Bantul (2007) Kitchen in Bantul (2007) Bu Muji in her kitchen in Bantul (2007) Judging a PKK food-preparation contest in Bantul (2007) ...


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