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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I am indebted to David J. Birnbaum, John Dingley, two anonymous readers , and the editors of Slavica Publishers for their helpful comments on earlier versions of this work. Thanks especially to George Fowler for his assistance with the formidable problems in typography and in the sorting of the word-lists at the end; to Rosemarie Connolly for her remarkable fine-tooth attention to editorial detail; and to William S. Hamilton for allowing me to reproduce his diagrams of Russian points of sound-articulation from his Introduction to Russian Phonology and Word Structure (Slavica, 1980). Publication of this book was generously supported by the Richard D. and Mary Jane Edwards Endowed Publication Fund at the University of Pittsburgh. Since experience persuades me that instructors do not find other instructors ’ “questions for thought and discussion” useful, I have not included such questions or exercises as part of this work. I would, however, be glad to share the ones I use in my own classes with anyone interested. In a work full of such small detail as this one, it is inevitable that mistakes and inconsistencies will creep in. Each rereading of the manuscript brings additional ones to my attention, some of them hair-raising. I take full responsibility for all mistakes, large and small, while hoping they do not detract too much from the attempt to present Russian morphology as a broadly cohesive whole. Oscar E. Swan University of Pittsburgh, 2006 ...


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