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Contents Y Editors’ Introduction ix Author’s Introduction 1 Original Table of Contents 3 Chapter 1. The Drums Beat, We Are Ordered on Board 7 Chapter 2. Bright Muskets and Bayonets Flashing in the Sun 35 Chapter 3. A Blundering Mistake Was Made 65 Chapter 4. The Sleep That Knows No Waking 101 Chapter 5. You Can’t Fool These Yankees; They Are Too Sharp 131 Chapter 6. Let Them Come! Let Them Come! 165 Chapter 7. We Know No Surrender! 201 Chapter 8. On to Mexico City 229 Chapter 9. Adventures Around the Capital 257 Chapter 10. The Morning Peace Is Again in Our Quarters 291 Chapter 11. We Are Coming Home 319 Chapter 12. One Mass of People, Cheering 343 Notes 353 Bibliography 365 Index 367 This page intentionally left blank. Illustrations Y Map 6 Figures Following Page 152 J. Jacob Oswandel Capt. Wm. F. Small Major-General Winfield Scott Landing of United States Army Near Vera Cruz Bombardment of Vera Cruz by United States Fleet Bombardment of Vera Cruz Map of the Battle of Cerro Gordo Battle of Cerro Gordo, April 4, 1847 Capture of General Santa Anna’s Private Carriage Jalapa City Attacked by Guerrillas Castle de Perote Battle of Las Vegas and La Hoya Pass Col. Thomas Childs General Scott Entering Main Plaza City of Mexico Siege of Puebla, September 13–October 12, 1847 Street Fight, Puebla City Death of Capt. Samuel H. Walker at Battle of Huamantla Quarters of the First Pennsylvania Regiment at San Angel, Mexico View of Chapultepec Attack Taken from the Southeast Alameda Park, City of Mexico Plaza de la Constitución, City of Mexico Gen. Winfield Scott A Mexican Lepero Monument to the Soldiers of the Mexican War This page intentionally left blank. ...


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