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Contents Preface  ix “Double Life”  xv I . D o u b l e Li v e s one Dinner at the Café Marliave   1 “Near Hag’s Head”  57 I I . R e adi n g s two Modernism, Leftism, and the Spirit: The Poetry of Lola Ridge   61 three The Westwardness of Everything: Irishness in the Poetry of Wallace Stevens   87 four Lines of Leaving, Lines of Returning: John Montague’s Double Vision   113 five Starting from Wexford, Ending in the Sublime: The Poetry of James Liddy   136 six Two for the Road: The New Irish Routes of Eamonn Wall and Greg Delanty   158 seven The Parish and Lost America: The Witness of Michael Coady’s All Souls   196 eight Back Through Distance: Currents of Tradition in the Poetry of Louise Bogan and Thomas McGrath   217 “Crossings”  245 I I I . C r o s s i n g s nine The Need for Routes: Genealogy in Irish American Poetry   249 ten From Crispus Attucks to Mr. Bones: Race in Irish American Poetry   279 eleven Over There: Irish American Poets Return   322 “A Green Road in Clare”  363 I V . T h e W a k e o f E v e r y t h i n g Go n e twelve Soundings and Erasures: An Irish American Poet Digs Up His Past   367 “The Line”  401 Notes  403 Works Cited  433 Index  445 viii  C o n t e n t s ...


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