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271 Glossary 13 dimensions Traits and skills measured during the oral assessment of foreign service candidates (State) 150 account Section of the federal budget, as prepared by the Office of Management and Budget, dealing with international affairs 360º review Evaluation by superiors, subordinates, and peers A-100 Basic training and orientation course for new foreign service officers (State) AEP Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary—full diplomatic title of an ambassador sent by one head of state to another and commissioned to represent and act on behalf of the sending state AFRICOM See Combatant command AFSA American Foreign Service Association—the professional association and collective bargaining agent (union) for members of the foreign service. AID, USAID US Agency for International Development Aide-mémoire Text summarizing a document or (more often) an oral presentation, often left with officials after a démarche Ambassador Highest diplomatic rank Ambassador at large Ambassador not accredited to any foreign state or international organization APEC Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation ARB Accountability Review Board, panel convened by the secretary of state to investigate incidents at US posts abroad that result in loss of life or serious injury Area combatant command See Combatant command Assistant secretary At the Department of State, the official in charge of a bureau. Assistant secretaries and higher officials require Senate confirmation; deputy assistant secretaries and below do not. Attaché An official assigned to an embassy to perform a specific task (e.g., military attaché, agricultural attaché) Backstopping Bureaucratic jargon for providing support Base pay Basic salary prescribed by law for a given rank or pay grade, may be increased by various allowances and bonuses BBG Broadcast Board of Governors Bid list A list of preferred assignments that a member of the service submits to the Bureau of Human Resources Bureau Basic organization unit of the Department of State; headed by an assistant secretary Cable Electronic communication sent through official channels requiring clearance, also called telegrams—those originating at an overseas post bear the signature of the officer in charge, those originating in the Department of State bear the signature of the secretary of state or acting secretary 272 Glossary CDO Career development officer CENTCOM See Combatant command CERP Commanders Emergency Response Program Chancery Embassy building in which the ambassador’s office is located Chargé, chargé d’affaires Diplomatic title given to an embassy official in charge of a mission in the absence of an ambassador; if temporary, chargé d’affaires ad interim Chief of mission Head of a diplomatic mission Chief of party Project leader (USAID) CIA Central Intelligence Agency Civil service Corps of civilian public employees, other than members of excluded services (such as the foreign service) Clearance Approval of a document by offices with an interest in the topic; whoever drafts a document obtains the clearances Coalition Provisional Authority Governing body in Iraq from April 2003 until June 2004 Codel State Department jargon for a congressional delegation on official overseas travel COIN Counterinsurgency COM Chief of mission Combatant command One of ten US military unified combatant commands involving more than one service; six are area commands—AFRICOM (African), CENTCOM (central), EUCOM (European), NORTHCOM (northern), PACOM (Pacific), and SOUTHCOM (southern). SOCOM, the Special Operations Command, is one of four functional commands. Cone One of five functional specializations for foreign service officers: consular affairs, economic affairs, management, political affairs, and public diplomacy; also called track ConGen Consulate general, a relatively large post headed by a consul general; subordinate to an embassy Constituent post Overseas post separate from and subordinate to an embassy Consul Diplomat accredited to perform consular functions, including protection and welfare of citizens of the sending state, representation of commercial interests, and administration of travel controls (visas) Control officer Member of embassy or consular staff designated to take care of an official delegation or important visitor COPs Country operating plans CORDS Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support, an element of the US pacification program during the Vietnam War Counselor (1) Diplomatic title of an embassy officer responsible for supervising the work of a section (such as agricultural counselor, political counselor, counselor for consular affairs); (2) lowest rank in the senior foreign service; (3) title of a confidential adviser to the secretary of state, the highest-ranking office in the Department of State not requiring Senate confirmation. Not to be confused with consular, which pertains to the work of consuls. CPA See Coalition Provisional Authority Glossary 273 CRS See S/CRS DACOR Diplomatic and Consular Officers Retired, a private association...


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