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240 Appendix B. Foreign Service Core Precepts The Qualifications Evaluation Panel (QEP) assesses the personal narrative with reference to six precepts that are predictors of success in the foreign service. These same precepts are used by the commissioning and tenure board and by promotion boards to evaluate potential throughout a foreign service career. Leadership: Innovation, decision making, teamwork, openness to dissent, community service , and institution building Interpersonal skills: Professional standards, persuasion and negotiation, workplace perceptiveness , adaptability, representational skills Communication skills: Written communication, oral communication, active listening, public outreach, foreign language skills Management skills: Operational effectiveness, performance management and evaluation, management resources, customer service Intellectual skills: Information gathering and analysis, critical thinking, active learning, leadership and management training Substantive knowledge: Understanding of US history/government/culture and application in dealing with other cultures. Knowledge and application of career track relevant information. Source: US Department of State, ...