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A;\JC16LS and OlATC;ASTS A;\JC16LS and OlATCASTS • An Anthology of Deaf Characters in Literature GALLAUDET UNIVERSITY PRESS THIRD EDITION • Trent Batson and Eugene Bergman EDITORS WASHINGTON, D.C. Originally published as The DeafExperience© 1973, 1976 by Eugene Bergman and Trenton Batson Gallaudet University Press, Washington, DC 20002©1985 by Gallaudet University. All rights reserved Published 1985. Third printing 1997 Printed in the United States ofAmerica Designed by Judith Bair The cover is reproduced from a plate designed and engraved by William Blake for The Complaint, and the Consolidation; or, Night Thoughts, by Edward Young, 1797. "EXPLANATION: An evil genius holding two phials, from one pours disease into the ear of a shepherd, and from the other scatters a blight among his flock; intimating that no condition is exempt from affliction." (Roger R. Easson and Robert N. Essick, William Blake: Book Illustrator, Vol. I [Normal, IL: The American Blake Foundation, Illinois State University, 1972], 16.) Library ofCongress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Main entry under title: Angels and outcasts. Rev. ed. of: The Deaf experience. 2nd ed. c1976. Bibliography: p 1. Deafness-Fiction. 2. Deaf, Writings of the. I. Batson, Trenton W II. Bergman, Eugene. III. Deaf expenence. PN6071.D35A6 1985 808.83'1 85-20669 ISBN 0-930323-17-3 ...