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Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán Born in the South Bronx in 1974, Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán earned an M.F.A. from Brooklyn College and is a Ph.D. candidate in American studies from Michigan State University. This coming together of artistic and critical traditions is echoed in his poetry, which engages and is influenced by the work of women and queer people of color, the most influential being Cherríe Moraga and Gamba Adisa (Audre Lorde). His poems, which have appeared in over eighty journals and anthologies in the United States and abroad, are collected in his forthcoming book, Yerbabuena/Mala yerba, All My Roots Need Rain. Manos .17 for EL, LC, JR, T, APA, OB, VTTV, MKN, J, LM, JB, JI, CJ, AS, OM, VR, & MG 1. fireflies, without holes, jars, in brooklyn, smeared on concrete, glow. straight boys and ants. moments stolen before the semester begins. quarter system. a big magnifying glass. blighted buck/et of water. crustaceans in a barrel. one limb. left hands are not meant for writing. i want the big one. tap, tap, against glass. ruler against thumb. meant for building sneakers. such fragile leaders. numbed knuckles. nuns looking. cooking. cooked children. another fairy tale. good posture and gingerbread 63 1CHARARA_pages_i-164.qxd:Layout 1 11/14/08 2:36 PM Page 63 fantasies. fixed teeth. tongue clicking. notes. passed. things our parents can’t read— though u.s. born. multi-valence, calle y clase, performativity, ours. raise the shades. serenade us. too much light. lower them. luminarias. peor la raza. pigeon hapa. pig-din. pork latkes. how they describe us speaking. i love you in 15 week cycles. to pieces. to pieces. luciérnagas. brief bits of light. we extinguish. squealing lobsters. butter. toil and trouble. all a’s. 2. reasonable dragonfly, buzzing as i bathe. neon blue. waterfall, overlooking your people’s land. tourists. roundhouse exit, which way to spin. no kicking. disrupted ceremony, feathers falling from hair. misinterpreted tradition. bear-proof lockers. (how to get inside?) the women in the kitchen. “juice.” blessed water. infidelity . finding my own way, hitching. home. how you look at children. chickasaw riders and diné devotion. a fire dance. cops pulling us over. routine inspection. driver’s license. feather removal. fuzzy dice = a protected species. mono(syllable). a kissing dis-ease. no. 3. keep on reminding me. i’m just a drunk. humble drunk. 4. male maps and automatic weapons. kuwait(i refugee). tajweed. how to speak to you. recitations. the proper tone. oil field fire. valdez. wildlife in alaska not the only ones endangered. the u.s., only one with an envi64 Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán 1CHARARA_pages_i-164.qxd:Layout 1 11/14/08 2:36 PM Page 64 ronment(al movement)? traditional fisherwomen. centricity. may i approach the bima? tallit to torah. tallit to torah. labios. labios. muslimjewish relations. not the first such couple (to spawn). [breed resentment = hatred of mixed bloods and heterosexuals.] what some think when i say “arab jewish.” mernissi and her queens. an adnan painting, hall cd, cher’s daughter. bi invisibility. our points of reference. neither of us is lebanese. that means something (here). sisters who lose interest in you once they learn your race. all respect to the yup′ik and “aleut” people. tlingit and haida too. an indigenous poetics. poets and writers still lists mary tallmountain among the living. a post-humous poetics. tsimshian. guess she is. “save the samoans.” our ship(ment) is coming (in). pieces. you can’t say anything write. requiem. rest. 5. the abandoned temples of memory. 6. meal expensive, something could not afford. momma never worked in a place like this, don’t even know if she’d’ve gotten through the door. (maybe they have another entrance for us.) too much glass in this restaurant, and not enough walls. no prices on the menu. tell me to order whatever i like—you’ll pay for it. find the cheapest thing, ask waiter on way to restroom how much he’ll cost. return to place order. delicious, artistic, small in portion. want me happy. splayed open. julienned. smattering of coconut. an odd grape. carrot. cannot. twenty-four. years before some thing can digest this meal. amalgym. a whole day’s pay. and swallow it down. 7. you give them a twenty. crisp edges. clean. “it’s the smallest i have.” almost forget to ask for change. some kid’s gonna eat good tonite. 8. “parking for puerto ricans only.” 9. model(s) for hiv...


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