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xi Hall of Fame Acknowledgments Acknowledgments are written for the people who actually help with a book, typically with no ulterior motive or expectation of any reward. Grady Lewis, Joe Dean, and John Wooden were the closest associates of Chuck Taylor I found, and each was most generous with his time. Other sources who personally knew Chuck whom I was able to locate and interview are cited in the text. Alan Kimbrell was almost benevolent in allowing me access to his late mother’s home and les. Alan’s mother, Lucy Taylor Hennessey, was Chuck’s second wife, and Lucy’s former private nurse, Gloria Schroeder, was most helpful during my visit to Port Charlotte, Florida, to view the estate. Chris Doyle, a publicist for Converse, Inc., and David Maddocks, vice president of marketing, arranged access for me to company archives in North Andover, Massachusetts. Larry Weindruch, a spokesman for the National Sporting Goods Association, gave me useful contacts and background on traveling salesmen in the old days. Terri Wall, a librarian at the Indianapolis Star, gave me useful tips in searching old newspaper records. Greg Murphy is a professional researcher who did some work for me at the National Archives and Records Administration. Dick 00ChuckFM.indd 11/18/05, 2:59 PM 11 xii Acknowledgments Reynolds, unofcial historian in Richmond, Indiana, was helpful, as were newspaper editor Harry McCawley and librarian Ronda Brown from Columbus, Indiana. Michael Brooslin, curator at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springeld, Massachusetts, and Robin Deutsch, director of library services, were gracious hosts during a day I spent in their archives. Jim Durham of Georgetown College, Mike Odneal of Westminster College, as well as sports information ofcers at Georgetown University, Western Kentucky University, North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina, Purdue University,The Ohio State University, and the University of Wisconsin also were helpful in my research . Diana Lenzi provided me with two wonderful, rare photos of Chuck’s wartime basketball team. Maria Garcia and Terry Eberle, former editors at the Indianapolis Star, were instrumental in allowing me to modify my hours so I could pursue this project while still having at least a part-time income at work. Bob Rich was helpful in the editing. Sportswriters Elliott Almond, Adam Schefter, Steve Salerno, Bob Hammel, and Jay Weiner, and Mark Shaw all had useful suggestions for me as I sought to market this book. Bob Sloan and Janet Rabinowitch of Indiana University Press were professional at all times. And, at the risk of sounding gratuitous, I have to thank my wife, Shirley, and sons, Joseph and David, for putting up with me while I worked on this project. A A Carmel, Indiana July 2004 00ChuckFM.indd 11/18/05, 2:59 PM 12 Chuck Taylor, All Star 00ChuckFM.indd 11/18/05, 2:59 PM 13 00ChuckFM.indd 11/18/05, 2:59 PM 14 ...


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