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xxi Acknowledgments Georgette Winkeler’s memoirs were found, virtually by accident, during one of several visits to the FBI’s Reading Room in Washington, D.C. Much of the historical and biographical material has been provided by Mario Gomes, John Winkeler, Joe Bergl Jr., Chriss Lyon, Rick Mattix, RoseKeefe,DanielWaugh,BradSmith,RichardLindberg,JeffGusfield, Larry Wack, Abraham Lincoln Marovitz, and Ellen Poulsen, as well as many dozens of books, newspapers, detective magazines, and other periodicals of the period. All photos are from the author’s collection unless otherwisecredited;manyofthenewspaperreproductionswereprovided by Mario Gomes. My special thanks to Robert Smith for his fact-checking, proofreading, and, most of all, his laborious work of indexing this project. AlCapone and His American Boys ...


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