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Contents Foreword Tricia Rose vii Twenty Questions Donald Byrd ix Introduction: Traveling While Black Kennell Jackson 1 PART ONE Crossroads and Intersections in Black Performance and Black Popular Culture When Is African Theater “Black”? Catherine M. Cole 43 Performing Blackness Down Under: Gospel Music in Australia E. Patrick Johnson 59 Passing and the Problematic of Multiracial Pride (or, Why One Mixed Girl Still Answers to Black) Danzy Senna 83 The Shadows of Texts: Will Black Music and Singers Sell Everything on Television? Kennell Jackson 88 PART TWO Stop Signs and Signposts: Stabilities and Instabilities in Black Performance and Black Popular Culture Optic Black: Naturalizing the Refusal to Fit W. T. Lhamon, Jr. 111 Diaspora Aesthetics and Visual Culture Kobena Mercer 141 Keepin’ It Real: Disidenti‹cation and Its Discontents Tim’m T. West 162 Faking the Funk? Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, and (Hybrid) Black Celebrity Caroline A. Streeter 185 Interlude: Black Artists on Issues of Culture and Performance 208 PART THREE International Congestion: Globalization, Dispersions, and Black Cultural Travel Black Community, Black Spectacle: Performance and Race in Transatlantic Perspective Tyler Stovall 221 The 1960s in Bamako: Malick Sidibé and James Brown Manthia Diawara 242 Global Hip-Hop and the African Diaspora Halifu Osumare 266 Continental Riffs: Praisesingers in Transnational Contexts Paulla A. Ebron 289 PART FOUR Trafficking in Black Visual Images: Television, Film, and New Media Where Have All the Black Shows Gone? Herman Gray 311 Hip-Hop Fashion, Masculine Anxiety, and the Discourse of Americana Nicole R. Fleetwood 326 Spike Lee’s Bamboozled Harry J. Elam, Jr. 346 Moving Violations: Performing Globalization and Feminism in Set It Off Jennifer Devere Brody 363 Change Clothes and Go: A Postscript to Postblackness Harry J. Elam, Jr. 379 Contributors 389 Index 397 ...


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