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Motif Indexes A. Mythological Motifs Motif Tale A102.17 “Anger of God” 34 A165.2 “Messengers of the gods” 34 A511.3.2 “Culture hero reared (educated) by extraordinary (supernatural) personages” 2 A694 “Christian paradise” 58 A841 “World-columns” 48 A875.1 “Navel of the earth” 10 A1320 “Determination of span of life” 23 A1321 “Men and animals readjust span of life” 33 A1371.3 “Bad women from transformed hog and goose” 33 A2435.3.2 “Food of cat” 68 B. Animals Motif Tale B17.1.4 “Hostile horse” 40 B17.2.3.1 “Raven plucks out men’s eyes” 16 B100.2 “Magic animal supplies treasure” 37 B103.1 “Treasure-dropping animals” 56 B103.4 “Animal spitting (vomiting) treasure” 37 B108 “Animal as patron of wealth” 37 B143 “Prophetic bird” 46 B151.1.5 “Camel determines road to be taken” 10 B155.3 “Animal determines burial place of saint” 10 B182.2 “Magic bear” 37 B210 “Speaking animals” 37 B211 “Animal uses human speech” 37 B211.2.3 “Speaking bear” 37 B211.3 “Speaking bird” 53 B211.3.5 “Speaking dove” 53 B215.1 “Bird language” 53 676 B216 “Knowledge of animal language” 53 B268.4 “Sorcerer’s army of magical animals” 16 B291.2.2 “Dog as messenger” 61 B300 “Helpful animals” 37 B335.1 “Man attempts to kill faithful serpent at wife’s instigation” 37 B350 “Grateful animals” 37 B405 “Helpful camel” 10 B435.4 “Helpful bear” 37 B455.3 “Helpful eagle” 45 B531 “Animals provide food for men” 45 B542.1.1 “Eagle carries off man to safety” 45 B548.2.1 “Fish recovers ring from sea” 49 B552 “Man carried by bird” 45 B581 “Animal brings wealth to man” 37 B583 “Animal gives treasure to man” 37 B592 “Animals bequeath characteristics to man” 33 B650 “Marriage to animal in human form” 33 B651.4 “Marriage to dog in human form” 33 B767 “Animals attracted by music” 37 B773 “Animals with human emotions” 37 *B784.2.4.1 “Physician removes animal from brain of patient” 9 C. Tabu Motif Tale C58 “Tabu: profaning sacred day” 14 C110 “Tabu: sexual intercourse” 71 C211.1 “Tabu: eating in fairyland” 55 C221.1.1.5 “Tabu: eating pork” 71 C262 “Tabu: drinking in other world” 55 C411 “Tabu: asking about marvels which one sees” 48 C411.1 “Tabu: asking for reason of an unusual action” 34 C420 “Tabu: uttering secrets” 23, 38 C421 “Tabu: revealing secret of supernatural husband” 48 C422 “Tabu: revealing identity of certain person” 23 C423.2 “Tabu: speaking of extraordinary sight” 48 C423.3 “Tabu: revealing experiences in other world” 48 *C577 “Tabu: socializing with a member of another group” 13 C631 “Tabu: breaking the Sabbath” 14 C672 “Compulsion to tell stories” 25 C735.1.2 “Tabu: sleeping before task is finished” 16 C901.1.4 “Tabu imposed by host” 46 Motif Indexes  677  C929.4 “Death by stoning for breaking tabu” 14 C943 “Loss of sight for breaking tabu” 2 C944 “Dumbness as punishment for breaking tabu” 2 C953 “Person must remain in other world because of broken tabu” 55 D. Magic Motif Tale D117 “Transformation: man to rodent” 16 D124.1 “Transformation: man to weasel” 16 D231.2 “Transformation: man to marble column” 48 *D231.3 “Transformation: neck to marble (saving a man from a sword blow)” 5 D313.3 “Transformation: bear to person” 37, 37n D332.1 “Transformation: ass (donkey) to person” 33 D341.1 “Transformation: bitches to women” 33 *D451.5.2.1 “Transformation: twig to knife” 48 *D452.4.2 “Transformation: rubbish to garden” 57 *D457.20 “Transformation: foreskin to apple” 48 D476.1 “Inedible substance transformed into edible” 48 *D476.1.12 “Transformation: knife becomes bread” 48 D560 “Transformation by various means” 37, 37n D771.1 “Disenchantment by burning magic hair” 20 D905 “Magic storm” 51 D906 “Magic wind” 51 D915.4.1 “Sabbatical river (Sambatyon)” 50 D950 “Magic tree” 48 D950.10 “Magic apple tree” 48 D953 “Magic twig” 48 D956 “Magic stick of wood” 48 D961 “Magic garden” 57 D965 “Magic plant” 54 D981.1 “Magic apple” 48 D991 “Magic hair” 20 D1001 “Magic spittle” 48 D1002 “Magic excrements” 56 D1076 “Magic ring” 49 D1146 “Magic door (gate)” 48 D1155 “Magic carpet” 54 D1162.2 “Magic candle” 36 D1163 “Magic mirror” 36 D1210 “Magic musical instruments” 37  678  Folktales of the Jews: Volume 1 D1233 “Magic violin (fiddle)” 37n D1242.2 “Magic potion” 37n D1252 “Magic metal” 12 D1252.2 “Magic copper” 21 D1254 “Magic staff” 48...


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