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Wounded troops in hospital lateral in Malinta Tunnel on Corregidor, 1942; U.S. Army Signal Corps. Gas gangrene cases in field hospital on Bataan; u.S. Army Signal Corps. Japanese woman and three of the five POW navy nurses captured on Guam and taken to Japan in January 1942; Japanese Army photo. Members of the Army Nurse Corps who were successfully evacuated from Corregidor by PBY in April 1942. (Left to right): Juanita Redmond, Florence MacDonald, Ressa Jenkins, Harriet G. Lee, Dorothea Daley, Mary Lohr, Eunice Hatchitt; U.S. Army Signal Corps. POW navy nurse Margaret Nash caring for a civilian internee in the hospital at Santo Tomas; photograph taken by a Japanese soldier. Army nurse POWs lined up at entrance to Malinta Tunnel for Japanese 14th Army propaganda photo hours after Corregidor was surrendered. Left to right: Vivian Weissblatt, Adele Forman, Imogene Kennedy, Beulah Greenwalt, Eunice Young, Eleanor Garen; Japanese Army photo. Shanties built by internees in the courtyard of main building, Santo Tomas Internment Camp; U.S. Army Signal Corps. Civilian internees used large vats to cook the little food available at Santo Tomas; U.S. Army Signal Corps. Contents of comfort kit sent by Red Cross to POWs and civilian internees in the Far East. POW military nurses received two such kits during their more than three-year internment; American Red Cross. Red Cross ship Gripsholm carried comfort kits meant for POWsand internees and acted as transport in a prisoner of war exchange in the Far East during World War II; American Red Cross. u.s. Army nurses recently freed at Santo Tomas climb into trucks that will carry them to a waiting plane on Dewey Boulevard; U.S. Army Signal Corps. First display of the American flag following liberation of Santo Tomas, February 1945; U.S. Army Signal Corps. Navy nurses are greeted by Vice Admiral Thomas C. Kincaid, USN Commander 7th Fleet and Southwest Pacific Force, after their liberation from Los Banos Internment Camp on 23 February 1945. (Left to right): Lt. Susie Pitcher; Lt. Dorothy Still; Mrs. Basilia Stewart, a naval officer's wife who worked with the nurses in the prison camp hospital; Lt. Goldia Q'Haver; Lt. Eldena Paige; Vice Adm. Kincaid; Lt. Mary Chapman; Lt. Comdr. Laura M. Cobb, chief nurse; Miss Maureen Davis, a civilian nurse who worked with the navy nurses; Lt. Mary Rose Harrington; Lt. Helen Gorzelanski; Lt. Bertha Evans; Lt. Margaret Nash; Miss Helen Grant, a British nurse who worked with them; and Lt. Edwina Todd; U.S. Navy photograph. u.s. Army nurse 2d Lt. Frankie Lewey, administering medical treatment to a wounded Japanese soldier following the liberation of Santo Tomas; U.S. Army Signal Corps. On 20 February 1945, Brig. Gen. Denit, chief surgeon, SWPA, awarded the Bronze Star and promotion to the former POW army nurses at Telesa, Leyte Island, before their departure for the U.S.; U.S. Army Signal Corps. ...


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