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This book is dedicated to Anna L. Neidel McGinnis, who joined the Army Nurse Corps and reported for active duty at Fort Meade, Maryland, on 10 February 1941, three days after she had delivered her niece Rosemary L. Neidel at home. After serving over two years in the United States, Lieutenant Neidel was sent to England, where she served as chief nurse of the 280th Station Hospital, the first tent hospital in the European theater of operations. She was later transferred to the 117th General Hospital near Bristol, England, where she served as chief nurse until August 1946, when she was rotated back to the United States and honorably discharged with more than five years of active military service and held the rank of captain. Anna L. Neidel has been an important role model for her niece Rosemary, who spent many a rainy day playing in the attic where Aunt Nanny's combat boots hung on a nail. Rosemary later served as a lieutenant (jg) in the Navy Nurse Corps during the Vietnam era and as a lieutenant in the Navy Nurse Corps Reserve during Desert Shield and the Persian GulfWar. ...


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