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454 APPENDIX [K]. t( But in one respect it is impossible now to conceive the extent, to which the apostles of the c1'ucifieil Jesus shocked all the feelings of mankind. 'fhe public cstablishment of Christianity , the adoration of ages, the reverence of nations, has thrown al'ound the C1'OSS of Christ an indelible and inalienable sanctity. No effort of the imagination can dissipate the illusion of dignity whicll has gathcred round it; it has been so long dissevel'ed from all its coarse and humiliating associa~ tions, that it cannot be cast back and desecrated into its state ofopprobrium and contempt. To the most daring unbeliever among ourselves, it is the symbol, the absurd, and irrational, he may conceive, but still the ancient and venemble symbol of a powerful and influential religion: what was it to the Jew and to the hoathen? the basest, the most degrading pnnishment of the lowest criminal! the proverbial terror of the wretched slave I it was to them, what the most despicable and revolting instrument of public execution is to us. Yet to the cross of Christ, men turned from deities in which were em~ bodied every attribute of strength, powel', and dignity j in an incredibly ahort space of time multitudes gave up the splen~ dom', the pride, and the power of paganism, to adore a Being who was thus humiliated beneath the meanest of mankind, who had become, according to the literal interpretation of the prophecy, a 'Very scorn of men, and an outoast of the people." -Milman'8 Bampton Lectures, Leot. vi. p. 279. [K.] Pad II. Chap, II. § 4. p. 199. "Such is our yoke and OU1' burden! Let him, who has thought it too hard and too heavy to bear; bc prepared to state it boldly when he shall appear side by side with the poor and mistaken Indian before the throne of God at the day of judgment. Thc pOQ!' heathen may come forward with his wounded limbs and weltering body, saying, 'I thought thee an austel'e mastol', delighting in the miserics of thy creatures, and I have accordingly brought thee the tOl'n l'emnants of a body which I have tOl'tured in thy sel'vice.' And the Ohristian APPENDIX [IC]. 455 will come forward, and say, 'I knew that tllOU dirlst die to save me fr0111 such sufferings am1 tormcnts, anfl that thou only commalldedst me to keep my body in temperance, sobol'ness , and chastity, and I thought it too hard for me j aud I have accordingly brought thee the refuse and sweepings of a boc1y that has been corrupted and hl'1ltalized in the service of profligacy and drunkel1ness,-even the body which thou dirlst declar~ should he the teml)le of thy Holy 81)irit/ The 1)001' Indian will, perhaps, show his hands, reeking with the blood of bis childrell, saying, 'I ..thought this was the saCl'ifice with which Goel was well-pleased:' and you; the Cl~1'i8tian, will come forward with blood u})on thy h.ands also, (I Imew that thou gayest thy Son for my sacrifice, and commalldedst me to lead my offspring in the way of evel'lasting life; but the command Was too hard for me, to teach them thy statutes amI to set them my humble example; I have let them go the broad way to destructiou, and their blood is upon my hand -and my heart-and my head.' 'l'he Indian will COllle forward ; and say, (13ehold, I am come from the wood, the desert, and the wilderness, where I fled frolll the cheerful society of my fellow-mortals, because I thought it was pleasing in thy sight.' And the Chl'istian will comB forward, and say, (Be. hold, I eome from my comfo;rtable home and the communion of my brethren, which thou hast graciously permitted me to enjoy; hut I thought it too hard to give them a share of those blessings which thou hast .bestowed ilpon me j I thought it too hard to give them a portion of my time, my trouble, my fortune, or my interest; I thought it too hard to keep my tongue from cursing andrevilingJ my heart from 11atred, and my hand from violence and revenge.' What will be the answer of the Judge to the 1)001' Indian none can presume to say. That he was sadly mistaken in the means of salvation, and that what he had...


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