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FOREWORD By David Potter SINCE Elements of Rhetorio was first printed as a separate book in 1828, it has been frequently and variously reissued. Consequently, copies of Whately's major contribution to ecclesiastical argumentation are not so rare as are copies of Campbell's Philosophy of Rhetoric. But the preferred and greatly augmented seventh British edition published by John W. Parker in London in 1846 is virtually unobtainable except in poorly printed American stereotype reproductions . And an adequate introduction to the book has never, to our knowledge, been incorporated in an edition . This volume, the third of the LANDMARKS in Rhetoric and Publio Address series, is a photo-offset reprint of the Parker edition of 1846. The text has been introduced, concisely and comprehensively, by Dr. Douglas Ehninger, Professor of Speech at the University of Iowa, a specialist in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British rhetodcal theory, former editor of Speeol; Monographs, and co-author of The Spealcer's Resouroe Boole (Chicago: Scott, Foresman and Company, 1961) and Decision by Debate (New York: Dodd, Mead and Company, 1963). Neophytes will find the Elminger essay a valuable guide to the Elements. Scholars will welcome its accurate placement of Whately, his theories and his practices, in the mainstream of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century rhetorical bistory. ...


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