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1909-1934 l  A91-(6336) To Calvin McQuesten c/o Knox College, Toronto [Written at top of letter] I wonder where the key of Tom’s trunk is, you need not return Constance’s letter. Photos in parcel. Tom’s letter just came as well, will send it soon. “Whitehern” January 24, 1909 My dearest Cal, The box and trunk arrived in good shape. I hope to send off your parcel to-morrow. The weather keeps wonderfully mild and the snow keeps off, which saves the snow cleaning for me, but it is hard on the unemployed. Had two letters from Ruby which you can send on to Tom, but return the photos to me, they might get lost at Elk Lake. It is a week to-day since I heard from Tom, but suppose the mails are uncertain. Isn’t Ruby fortunate in finding such a comfortable home? She certainly has a very comfortable time of it. Hilda went up with Mrs. Mullin Monday and spent the night. Nellie is neither better nor worse, at the end of the 21 days, as hoped, the fever did not go down, so now it will have to run again for 21 days, and there is nothing to prevent running another 21 days. R. had a nice letter from Constance Kellogg. Will enclose it too. It is very sad about the brother. Hasn’t this shipwreck of the Republic been a most thrilling affair?426 Isn’t this wireless telegraphy like something miraculous! This is a great triumph for Marconi.427 Poor Mrs. Woods is such a delicate person and too nervous to drive behind a horse even, so just imagine her. It is a mercy Mr. W. was with her. And poor Miss George (our W.F.M.S. treasurer) will hear enough about her comb. I am sorry for Mrs. Caven, who, I am sure, has enough to do looking after that nervous husband of hers.428 I am glad you went to the Dicksons, they were always so friendly. Lately there has been nothing but weddings amongst “Society” people. Now that you have your meals by ticket you can call Sundays on Maggie for dinner when you are at a loss.429 Yesterday was our Presbyterial annual of the W.F.M.S. As Mrs. Steele is away I had to take the morning business meeting, but got Mrs. Lyle to take the afternoon meeting. We had invited R. P. MacKay to speak for we had never yet succeeded in hearing his account of what he saw of our missionaries’ work in the East, so I wrote him that we were particularly anxious to hear of our own missionaries and would you believe it, he gave a great account of a Letters 1909-1934 177 large gathering of the American Meth. [sic] Episcopalian mission and of the Ep. with social, and never mentioned our missionaries’ names or a word about the work, except a little reference to a Xmas tree in our Widows’ Home. Mr. Lyle and I were so exasperated we could hardly contain ourselves. Was there nothing to be seen of their work? It really looked so badly that I was more than sorry I had ever asked him. He looked worn out and dropping with sleep. It was fortunate I happened to write just the week before as he had forgotten and thought meeting was in the evening. I wish we could send some bright woman over to bring back our account.430 Mrs. McGillvray would do finely if she were a good speaker, but she has a very poor voice and no animation, otherwise she is exceedingly observant and clever and can write well.431 I am very indignant too about another thing. You know I had to keep at Mr. Ketchen before we got Prof. Kilpatrick for our anniversary sermons and I told him if he could not get him, to try for Prof. Kennedy. Well, we got Prof. Kilpatrick last year. This year when I inquired who do you think, they had fixed upon but Hossack?432 Mr. Leitch had voted against it, but Dr. Fletcher and Mr. Milne wanted him. Prof. Kennedy’s name never mentioned. Can you understand people having a man like Prof. Kennedy within reach and no desire to hear him?433 As for Mr. Ketchen he seems to have nothing in his mind but his sermons. Sunday morning Mr. Gray of Dundas preached for us and came in...


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