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Appendix B: British Officials in Nightingale’s Time British Government The political labels are merely indicative of a tendency, parties being still in a state of flux. Party Prime Minister 1855 Feb. Whig/Tory Viscount Palmerston 1858 Feb. Tory (Conservative) Earl of Derby [14th] 1859 June Whig/Tory Viscount Palmerston 1865 Oct. Whig (Liberal) Earl Russell 1866 June Tory (Conservative) Earl of Derby 1868 Feb. Conservative Benjamin Disraeli 1868 Dec. Liberal William Ewart Gladstone 1874 Feb. Conservative Benjamin Disraeli 1880 Apr. Liberal W.E. Gladstone 1885 June Conservative Marquess of Salisbury 1886 Feb. Liberal W.E. Gladstone 1886 Aug. Conservative Marquess of Salisbury 1892 Aug. Liberal W.E. Gladstone 1894 Mar. Liberal Earl of Rosebery 1895 June Unionist (Conservative) Marquess of Salisbury Governors General and Viceroys Governors General of Bengal, controlling Bombay and Madras 1773–85 Warren Hastings 1786–93 Earl Charles Cornwallis 1793–98 Sir John Shore 1798–1805 Earl of Mornington (Lord Wellesley) 1805 Earl Charles Cornwallis 1805–07 Sir G. H. Barlow 1807–13 Baron Minto (1st Earl of Minto) 1813–23 Earl of Moira 1819–27 M. Elphinstone in Bombay Chs. T. Metcalfe at Delhi Th. Munro in Madras 1823–28 Baron William Amherst 1828–34 Lord William Bentinck 910 / Governors General of India and Viceroys 1834–35 Lord William Bentinck 1835–36 Sir Charles T. Metcalfe (Acting) 1836–42 Baron Auckland 1842–44 Baron Ellenborough 1844–48 Sir H. Hardinge 1848–56 Earl of Dalhousie 1856–62 Viscount Canning 1862–63 8th Earl of Elgin 1864–69 Sir John Lawrence 1869–72 Earl of Mayo 1872–76 Baron Northbrook 1876–80 Baron Lytton 1880–84 Marquess of Ripon 1884–88 Earl of Dufferin 1888–94 Marquess of Lansdowne 1894–98 9th Earl of Elgin 1899–1905 Baron Curzon of Kedleston Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs 1853 Feb. Earl of Clarendon 1858 Feb. Earl of Malmesbury 1859 June Lord John Russell (Earl Russell) 1865 Nov. Earl of Clarendon 1866 July Lord Stanley (15th Earl of Derby) 1868 Dec. Earl of Clarendon 1870 July Earl Granville 1874 Feb. Lord Stanley (15th Earl of Derby) 1878 Apr. Marquess of Salisbury 1880 Apr. Earl Granville 1885 June Marquess of Salisbury 1886 Feb. Lord Rosebery (Earl of Midlothian) 1886 Aug. Sir Stafford Northcote (Earl of Iddesleigh) 1887 Jan. Marquess of Salisbury 1892 Aug. Lord Rosebery (Earl of Midlothian) 1894 Mar. Earl of Kimberley 1895 June Marquess of Salisbury 1900 Nov. Marquess of Lansdowne Secretary of State for the Colonies (since 1768) 1854 June Sir George Grey 1855 Feb. Sidney Herbert (2 weeks) Mar. Lord John Russell 1855 July Sir William Molesworth Nov. Henry Labouchere (Lord Taunton) 1858 Feb. Lord Stanley (15th Earl of Derby) transferred to India Office June Sir E. Bulwer-Lytton (Lord Lytton) 1859 June Duke of Newcastle 1864 Apr. Edward Cardwell 1866 July Lord of Carnarvon Appendix B: British Officials in Nightingale’s Time / 911 1867 Mar. Duke of Buckingham and Chandos 1868 Nov. Lord Granville 1870 July Earl of Kimberley 1874 Feb. Earl of Carnarvon 1878 Feb. Sir Michael Hicks Beach, later earl of St Aldwyn 1880 Apr. Earl of Kimberley 1882 Dec. 15th Earl of Derby 1885 June F.A. Stanley (16th Earl of Derby) 1886 Feb. Earl Granville Aug. Edward Stanhope 1887 Jan. Lord Knutsford 1892 Aug. Marquess of Ripon 1895 June Joseph Chamberlain Secretary of State for War Secretary of State for India 1852 Duke of Newcastle Sidney Herbert (secretary-atwar ) 1855 Lord Panmure 1858 Gen. Jonathan Peel 1858 Lord Stanley (15th Earl of Derby) 1859 Sidney Herbert 1859 Sir Chas. Wood (Viscount Halifax) 1861 Sir George Cornewall Lewis 1863 Lord de Grey and Ripon 1866 Marquess of Hartington 1866 Lord de Grey and Ripon Gen. Jonathan Peel Viscount Cranborne (Marquess of Salisbury ) 1867 Sir John Somerset Pakington 1867 Sir Stafford Henry Northcote (Earl of Iddesleigh) 1868 Edward Cardwell (Viscount Cardwell) 1868 Geo. Douglas Campbell (Duke of Argyll) 1874 Gathorne-Hardy (Earl of Cranbrook) 1874 Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil (Marquess of Salisbury) 1878 F.A. Stanley (16th Earl of Derby) 1878 Viscount Cranbrook 1880 Hugh Culling Eardley Childers 1880 Spencer Compton Cavendish (Marquess of Hartington) 1882 Marquess of Hartington 1882 John Wodehouse (Earl of Kimberley) 1885 William Henry Smith 1885 Lord Randolph Churchill 1886 Edward Stanhope 1886 John Wodehouse (Earl of Kimberley) Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman Viscount R. Assheton Cross 1892 John Wodehouse (Earl of Kimberly) 1894 Henry Hartley Fowler (Viscount Wolverhampton) 1895 Marquess of Lansdowne 1895 Lord George Francis Hamilton 912 / Florence Nightingale on Social Change in India Permanent Under...


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