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Dramatis Personae Parthenope Nightingale, Lady Verney (1819-90), sister (Sir) Harry Verney (1801-94), brother-in-law Henry Bonham Carter (1827-1921), cousin, Nightingale Fund Captain (Sir) Douglas Galton (1822-99), husband of a cousin Rosalind (Shore Smith) Nash (1862-1952), daughter of a cousin Vaughan Nash (1861-1932), husband of Rosalind Nash, journalist Frederick W. Verney (1846-1913), son of Sir Harry Verney Runchorelal Chotalall (1823-98), president Ahmedabad municipality Lord Cranborne (1830-1903), marquess of Salisbury, secretary of state for India Dr James M. Cuningham (1829-1905), sanitary commissioner (Lady) Dufferin (1844-1936), vicereine of India (Lord) Dufferin (1826-1902), viceroy, governor general of India (Sir) Bartle Frere (1815-84), governor of Bombay (Sir) M.E. Grant-Duff (1829-1906), governor of Madras Lord de Grey (marquess of Ripon) (1827-1909), viceroy, friend Sidney Herbert (1810-61), Lord Herbert of Lea, collaborator and friend Thomas Gillham Hewlett (1832-89), sanitary commissioner for Bombay Courtney P. Ilbert (1841-1924), law member of viceroy’s council (Sir) John Lawrence (1811-79), later Lord, viceroy, friend Behramji M. Malabari (1853-1912), Indian social reformer (Sir) Louis Mallet (1823-90), under secretary of state for India Dadabhai Naoroji (1825-1917), nationalist leader, mp (Sir) Robert Rawlinson (1810-98), civil engineer Lord Stanley (15th earl of Derby) (1826-93), chair of royal commission (Sir) John Strachey (1823-1907), Bengal Sanitary Commission Dr John Sutherland (1808-91), surgeon and sanitarian, close collaborator James Pattison Walker (1823-1906), Bengal Sanitary Commission (Sir) William Wedderburn (1838-1918), civil servant, judge / ix ...


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