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New Dark Ages Other books by Donald Rcvcll From the Abandoned Cities The Gaza of Winter NewDarkAges Donald Revell Wesleyan University Press Published by University Press of New England Hanover and London The University Press of New England is a consortium of universitiesin New England dedicated to publishing scholarly and trade works by authors from member campuses and elsewhere. The New England imprint signifies uniform standards for publication excellence maintained without exception by the consortium members. A joint imprint of University Press of New England and a sponsoring member acknowledges the publishing mission of that university and its support for the dissemination of scholarship throughout the world. Cited by the American Council of Learned Societies as a model to be followed, University Press of New England publishes books under its own imprint and the imprints of Brandeis University, Brown University , Clark University,University of Connecticut, Dartmouth College , University of New Hampshire, University of Rhode Island, Tufts University, Universityof Vermont, and Wesleyan University.© 1990 by Donald Revell All rights reserved. Except for brief quotation in critical articles or reviews, this book, or parts thereof, must not be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher. For further information contact University Press of New England, Hanover, NH O37>sSome of these poems appeared originally in The Agni Review, Antaeus, Boulevard, The Missouri Review, The New Republic, Pequod, Ploughshares , Shenandoah, Sulfur, and Willow Springs. "The Northeast Corridor ," "1848," "1919," "Survey," "How Passion Comes to Matter," and "Apocrypha" (as "The World") were first published in The American Poetry Review; "St. Lucy's Day," "Psalmist," and "The Night Orchard" in Poetry. "St. Lucy's Day" also appeared in Best American Poetry 1988. The author would like to thank the National Endowment for the Arts for a grant that helped to make the completion of these poems possible. Printed in the United States of America ^°' Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Revell, Donald, 1954New dark ages / by Donald Revell. p. cm. — (Wesleyan poetry) ISBN 0-8 i 9 s-2184-1 : $18.00. — ISBN 0-8i9s-ii86-2 |pbk.) : $9.9°; I. Title, ii. Series. PS"5s68.E79")N4 1990 89-49759 8n'.


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